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Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

My name is Megan Moore and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.
As a digital marketing agency we know how important it is to get your business using all the FREE social media tools to reach more people.   

Founded in 2016  we’re a boutique digital marketing agency focusing on creating brand awareness for small businesses who NEED to get online. 

Our team helps you grow your online presence which gives you the time and freedom to focus on what you love best: your products. 

 We work with  business owners  who love what they do & understand the impact of social media marketing on their success.

 Text me your current social media & I’ll send you ONE thing to adjust NOW,

it’s free


– Megan Moore xo




Our Signature Hello Life Academy helps entrepreneurs up-level their current business. This 6 month high touch mastermind teaches you how to grow an audience, to use modern marketing platforms and gives you a community that will help your growth!  This is for the woman who wants to be guided, supported and build a strong foundation. 

Courses & trainings have a team? need to train someone how to use social media? 

Social media management

Monthly packages to take your somewhat of a social media posting to interactive experiences for your audience.

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It’s time to grow your business!

Our signature 12 month Academy will support you grow the business you know is possible.

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