Meet the Hello Life Academy


It's about finally feeling that freedom you know exists, in career & life. It's about following your dream to have a business, even though it's scary. It's about discovering that you don't have to do one more thing alone! xo

Join leading business coach Megan Lockhart as she guides you for 12 months to build the business of your dreams. You will get a website, 2 executive retreats, branding, technical help, private support and coaching as well as a community of other entrepreneurs and mastermind support.

We help you setup & grow the business you know is possible. You are a powerful change maker - and it's time you start feeling that way. This is for the woman who desires growth, feels insanely inspired to move forward - but can't quite figure out the next step. We love helping women build & grow their online businesses. Are you ready?

The 2018 Hello Life Academy is SOLD OUT!

We will be OPENING REGISTRATION for the 2019 Academy in mid 2018. Get on the wait list so you are the first to know when we open for registration.


Kind Words

Hello Life Academy megan lockhart

"I was afraid to join due to some financial and big life challenges I was going through. Then one night I said 'that's it, i'm doing this for me and my dreams'. 5 months later and I can honestly say it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made! Megan has shown me how to use that to serve and help people.

The Academy has given me everything I need to be a successful business owner"

- Chemaine Linnie  

"Megan makes you truly know that people cross paths for a reason. Her passion, excitement, and confidence in my abilities makes me instantly feel like I will be a success. She cheers me on, offers advice, and has been a true friend since we met. She absolutely gives you her all, and I can credit her for helping me overcome fears and forge forward to accomplish my dreams. Truly inspirational and inspiring." 

- Shannon Quarantino

Hello Life Academy - Lindsay Hack

"Megan Lockhart is so refreshing in a world where people are caught up in perfectionism and hiding their flaws because she is REAL. She's authentic, generous and raw. Because of this, and her wealth of knowledge, you will feel so confident in her abilities to help you (as you should!). She also balances being supportive and motivating so wonderfully, so you feel inspired but never overwhelmed." 

-Sophie Strout

Ladies I am telling you - if you are on the FENCE jump on this and DONT WAIT! 

Susan Ramos