2019 enrolment is closed

2019 enrollment is closed

Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.
As a mom of two kids, Kinsley who is 7, and Rhett who is 4, two dogs, and one husband, spending time with my family is important to me.
I love the outdoors: golfing, skiing and more recently spending time camping in the Rocky Mountains.
I am a beautiful mess: one day you’ll catch me wearing dresses and high heels, and the next unshowered in a baseball cap.
As a non-perfectionist, having 500,000 emails does not phase me in the least bit and that’s why I believe Hello Life Academy is successful.
Is my life always fun? I make sure it is.

My mission in life – what gets me up in the morning and what fills my cup is coaching women entrepreneurs to grow a strong and prosperous business of their own.

In 2015, Hello Life Academy came to the world!
It’s about finally feeling that freedom you know exists, in career & life. It’s about following your dream to have a business, even though it’s scary. It’s about discovering that you don’t have to do one more thing alone! xo



HLA Express

Our 40 day intense “get lots done” mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to create fast changes within their online business. From growing a Facebook audience, to sales funnels, to email marketing, this will change your business in 40 days.


Our Signature 12 month Academy. An intimate experience with only 12 entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, get direct private coaching, and reach new levels.  In our three phases you will build the business you SEE is possible.


Let’s spend an hour together. A private 1:1 session where you get to decide what you want
to focus on. This is a great opportunity for you to show up with me with ONE question that you have about growing your current or new business.

December 10th Workshop in airdrie alberta

Do you want to go into 2019 with more clarity, a stron9er vision and a MAPPED out plan?

At this interactive workshop – I am going to show the EXACT way I plan, prepare and succeed from year to year.


Are you ready to be an Online Entrepreneur?

Take our quiz and find out today xo.


Watch the latest episode of HLA TV for business resources, tips and tricks to running an online business and a peak behind the scenes of Hello Life Academy.


Discover more about Megan, the HLA team and how Hello Life has evolved over the years.

It’s time to grow your business!

Our signature 12 month Academy will support you grow the business you know is possible.



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