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Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.
As a mom of two kids, Kinsley who is 8, and Rhett who is 5, two dogs, I love and totally understand that spending MORE time with family is important. 
On any given day you’ll catch me golfing, skiing, chasing and yelling after my kids or relaxing with my fave glass of Malbec.

I am a beautiful mess: one day you’ll catch me wearing dresses and high heels, and the next unshowered in a baseball cap. 

My mission in life – what gets me up in the morning? What fills my cup = my kids having a life where they understand THEY have choices, and teaching women that they can have their own business and be successful at it. Actually – I’m going to be as bold to say I think every single woman in the world should have her OWN business to create her OWN income and freedom.  

I share so many great resources – I hope you have a lot of fun listening, watching and reading because I believe in you (already!). 

The Hello Life Academy is:  finally feeling that freedom you know exists, in career & life.

It’s about following your dream to have a business, even though it’s scary. It’s about discovering that you don’t have to do one more thing alone, you can have an amazing group of women around you that get it, all while learning the steps together! xo




Our Signature Hello Life Academy opens every fall.

An experience for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, understand marketing, and reach new levels. This is for the woman who wants to be guided, supported and build a strong foundation. 


Are you ready to build a business you Love with me and Marie Forleo. B-school is. CLOSED until 2020!  


Let’s spend an hour together. In this transformation private business strategy session we make plans to move you forward. A lot can change in an hour – clarity, decisions and a strategy.  This is a great opportunity for you to show up with me with ONE question that you have about growing your current or new business.


Watch the latest episode of HLA TV for business resources, tips and tricks to running an online business and a peak behind the scenes of Hello Life Academy.


Discover more about Megan, the HLA team and how Hello Life has evolved over the years.

It’s time to grow your business!

Our signature 12 month Academy will support you grow the business you know is possible.



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