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Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.

Meet the Hello Life Academy

It’s time to start building a business you love – we can help.


Never worry about what to do next in your business.


In 2014 I started a little studio in my basement. Four years after, a few babies, a large pile of never ending laundry, 500+ entrepreneurs later, I make multiple 6 figures by teaching women how to turn their passions into successful businesses.–>

From the basement of my home to a business empire that spans the globe.

After spending 12 months teaching out of my basement studio (pilates & barre) I knew I wanted to reach more women & have a larger impact.

I was working my buns off in the studio for 14+ hours a day. From private health coaching, teaching classes and running the business…. But I knew I couldn’t do this forever. I was slowly hitting a ‘wall’ and had created a financial ceiling for myself. There was NO way I could take more clients in person… So, I decided to take a leap and launch my business online in 2014.

The Hello Life Academy

is here to turn your sorta-kind business that you can’t seem to move forward into one that you love.

Your business will give you the freedom you want, the money you desire, the business friends you need & the connections you know you have to have. You have that idea, you have that vision, you have that passion, you have that drive… you just don’t know how you will quite make it work. ​​You​ ​want​ ​more,​ you want to feel connected again–to business, life, friends, passion, and most importantly, yourself.


DOWNLOAD THE 2019 Hello Life Academy BROCHURE

THE Hello Life Academy WILL

  • Give you 3 modules packed full of EVERYTHING you need to know to start, launch, and scale your business. You will be on the ‘fast track’ to starting your business learning from my mistakes + thousands of dollars spent over the past 4 years in business.
  • Give you specific action items to help you build up your business – from building up your Facebook Business Page to creating a strong marketing plan… we’ve got you covered, start to finish
  • Instantly surround you with 100+ other ambitious entrepreneurs who all want YOU to succeed. You will be immersed in the Hello Life community and have instant opportunity for collaborations and experts to support you in your venture.
  • Track your progress (yup – we will be here throughout every step of the way holding you accountable for the darn thing!)

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

As a mom of two kids, Kinsley who is 7, and Rhett who is 4, two dogs, and one husband, spending time with my family is important to me.

I love the outdoors: golfing, skiing and more recently spending time camping in the Rocky Mountains.

I am a beautiful mess: one day you’ll catch me wearing dresses and high heels, and the next unshowered in a baseball cap.

As a non-perfectionist, I know how to get things out into the world as a creative entrepreneur &. love pushing women to do the same. Your business is NEEDED, and it’s time to get it out into the world.

Is business always fun? I make sure it is.

My mission with Hello Life Academy  –  is to inspire women from all over the world to have a business that gives them the freedom to choose their own life.


Building Your Foundation

November 29th – March 29th

  • Target market is clearly defined… you will know who you are selling to inside and out!
  • Be so clear on your product + service it will sell itself… your customers will NEED + WANT what you are offering
  • Create a fool proof social media and marketing plan and utilize strategies myself and all my clients use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for our businesses… #hellofreedom
  • Create Opt-Ins people will actually opt in to (how you’ll gather data from your audience, and convert them into customers). we teach you how to create, deliver & build your super profitable list.
  • Tutorials and trainings for Facebook Business Page & Instagram setup so your customers can find you
  • A month by month life & business plan that you can refer to when you feel like things go to the wayside #hellogoals

make money  April 1st – August 1st

  • A marketing & sales strategy outlined month by month so you know what you are selling and when. This is evaluated by our team and are strategies that WILL attract the RIGHT buyer.
  • Access to our email templates, blog templates & social media statuses that CONVERT followers to buyers
  • All about sales: walk away knowing how to sell with confidence… have sales conversations, consults, and offer your OFFERS
  • We meet at our live event (See ya there!)
  • Branding photos at the live event so you have professional photos to use on social media, website, business materials, etc.

Re-launch August 1st – December 29


  • Your business is setup for a place of success – the clients are coming, the buyers are buying but you need more structure to scale and impact more people… we help you with that!
  • How to hire out to expand your business (not hurt it!)
  • How to host collaborations so your company can get in front of more people
  • A refined business plan & launch strategy… we see what has worked, what hasn’t, refine it, and sell again!
  • 10 technical hours offered by DrakeCo to fix up your sites, get your blogs going… or do the things you just don’t want to do.


(What else do you get as a member) 

Private Coaching Calls with Megan each phase (1-3 calls) 

Monthly Group mastermind calls with the other Hello Life Academy members to learn, support & implement

Group Accountability calls – we know you WANT to get the work done, and we’re going to accountable.

Live Question & Answer Calls

Save this date: We start the 2019 Hello Life Academy November 29! 

Hello Life Academy LIVE EVENTS

Prince Edward County – May 2019 Ontario

Banff – October 2019


Put your computer down & come meet us at our transformational weekends. More details are in the membership area once you enrol. (We have to keep a few surprises)!

Included with the price of the Academy (above all the great business growth you’ll experience):

A 2 day conference, branding photos, in person classes & a promise of transformation both personally and professionally.

I want the brochure!

I want in!

18 monthly payments of $777.00

I want the brochure!

I want in!

18 monthly payments of $397.00



I love this, I want it, I totally need it do you have payment options?

We believe in you  starting a business is a big thing, and we want you to know we offer 18 monthly payments of  We offer 18 montly payments of $495 Canadian

I have done so many programs  is this going to be different for me?

I cant guarantee that  I so wish I could, but my heart tells me  I cant. I can however guarantee that I will check in on you PERSONALLY. Our committed members  get results! xo

How do I join?

Get 24 hour free access by clicking HERE, then decide if you wanna stay and grow with us, or leave xo. We have a 7 day full satisfication guarantee refund policy. Yup  if you dont like it  you can totally leave. *we do need proof you’ve tried*.

BEFORE AND AFTER:  An Academy Experience

FAQ continued

Do you have examples of success stories I can show my partner ?

You bet, please just send us an email  admin@hellolifeacademy.com and we will send you our case studies from 2016 all the way to today..

What are some of the not-so-great results?

We have several clients who end up leaving the Academy because well – they decide they don’t want their business anymore OR they aren’t committing anytime to the content / mastermind / calls. As long as you give us 30 days notice you can totally leave. If you don’t want us, we don’t want you 😉

How involved is Megan with the Hello Life Academy?

This is my baby, your success is  important to me. I will support and ensure you have a high touch experience throughout the 12 months of the Academy. I teach monthly classes, engage in the community weekly & answer YOUR questions personally. Most of our clients, become our friends XO

Kind Words

I first met Megan with HLA at a meet up in Carstairs in 2017. I immediately learned something new that added value to my business. I began following her on social media and it was apparent that she has such a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. I signed on for the Hello Life in Spring 2018 to learn more about social media and online networking. It is so important in todays climate to understand social media and try and keep with the times so that you can get your product or service out into the world. Megan and her team educate you and give you the tools to understand and be successful at it. It is also a way to network and collaborate with parallel businesses. Once you wrap your mind around networking marketing, putting plans in place to consistently show up and create time and space to work on you business (not just in it), the opportunities for collaboration and growth are abundant. In addition to all of that there is this great network created with other women entrepreneurs that are available to bounce ideas off of and ask for support. I will never regret the money spent on this program, it truly has helped fast track my business. Diandra

I had to share this with you all – I’m in the middle of a free challenge and it’s my best one I’ve ever done!! I have over 50 people in the challenge FB group and 65 new email subscribers!! And with the help of Megan and her team I’ve built an email funnel that I can use for future challenges!! Jaclyn
Nobody believed in me. Except Megan. My family thought I was nuts and I was living a pipe dream. I was told to “go get a regular job” but that wasn’t my path and I knew it. I worked an INSANE amount of hours at first. I knew I could do this with Megan’s guidance. Within the first month I made back my monthly payment to the Academy…the second month I more than doubled it. By month 3 I bought a new computer and by month 4 I had made enough that I could have paid off the ENTIRE annual Academy Fee. I NEVER have looked back. I have worked HARD growing Sleek & Sassy Nutrition and to say I’m passionate about it is an understatement. I don’t give Megan credit for my success….they were my ideas, my concepts and my blood, sweat and tears (often literally) but I do give credit to her and Hello Life Academy for leading the way and paving my path to success. She showed me HOW to do it and guided me. I believe SO MUCH in Megan’s program that my 2 best friends have enrolled in it. I literally cannot sing the praises of the Hello Life Academy often enough. So for those that have wondered how Sleek & Sassy Nutrition was born….this is a HUGE part of it! xoxo Christina

Megan… you girls…I can’t believe how much I’m growing. I’m blown away and I coudn’t have done it without all the support of each of you. Thank you so much! #consistency Chemaine

I only just discovered this fabulous women, Megan Lockhart a few weeks ago. She had posted something in one of the groups I am a part of, and it resonated – strongly. So, I checked her out, and enrolled in her 5 day workshop she was offering, and voila – not only am I now a raving fan, but in the last 5 days I took her mini course, my facebook business page following more than doubled (and I have booked 2 podcasts – stay tuned)! It more than DOUBLED people!! In FIVE days!! No ads, just good ole geunuine ‘thoughful’ community building. And the best part? All of it felt GOOD. It didn’t feel sales-ey, pushy, inauthentic, cheap – it felt great, authentic, expansive, and right in alignment with my integrity. I like people who make things more easeful, care about you (like legit), and help you create results. This women is the straight goods, and no, she didn’t ask for a testimonial – I’m just that impressed. Thanks again Megan! Andrea
Megan Lockhart you are 1 of a kind!!! You are magic and beautiful and real and smart. I’m always thanking the universe for connecting us. Gina
When I joined the Academy, I had one client. Within a month of working with Megan and her Team, I had 8!! I can’t say enough great things about Megan, she is so knowledgeable, and eager to help you grow your business, but she is also very supportive and truly cares about her clients. Her team is excellent and always willing to lend a helping hand. Seriously, if you are wondering where to start when it comes to growing your business, I HIGHLY suggest Megan and Hello Life Academy! Kim
I just wanted to take a minute to say how grateful I am for Megan and the Hello Life Circle and the in person meet ups! In my industry so much of my communications are done online and over email, personal interactions have become fewer and farther between. I cannot say enough about what it means to be able to be in a room with so many amazing women with amazing talents and ideas. This interaction combined with Megan’s presentations have become invaluable to me. Because of these meetups I have increased my inner strength. Even though I am a very out going person to approach someone, one on one, with an idea has always been extremely hard for me for fear of rejection. But, with the meet ups you already feel you know all the women in the room and you are already connected so the 1st barrier is already down. I want to thank Megan for creating such an amazing space both online and in person! xoxo Laurie
From the first conversation I had with Megan, I knew she was the right coach for me. She asked me questions that challenged my self-limiting beliefs and got me thinking bigger than I ever imagined. She is genuine and real and has connected with me on such a level that has helped me push past any preconceived ceilings I have held onto in the past. She has taught me to think bigger and ask “why not me!” Lindsay
I know I take a while to trust people and am shy at opening up and all that and I have never been one to ask for help but what you and the academy offer is truly amazing thank you! Louise
Megan Lockhart is so refreshing in a world where people are caught up in perfectionism and hiding their flaws because she is REAL. She’s authentic, generous and raw. Because of this, and her wealth of knowledge, you will feel so confident in her abilities to help you (as you should!). She also balances being supportive and motivating so wonderfully, so you feel inspired but never overwhelmed. -Sophie
This view never gets old. On a misty, hazy day…it’s still humbling to look at. I get to look at this more than once everyday sitting and working on my business thanks to support from amazing women and my biz coach while the baby sleeps. And yes Christmas ornaments are still up 🎅 #fernielife #ferniestoke #breathoffreshair #hellolifeacademy #quiethouse #metime Nadine
Dearest Megan! Just taking a moment of gratitude for the support you’ve brought me in 2016. I am SUPER EXCITED for 2017 and continuing our journey together to LAUNCH my first online paid program. In the mean time, thanks for giving me the nudge to offer this free program to kick off the new year. Here we GO!!! Karen
This women is amazing! If you are looking to take your business to a new level or just starting out.. She is an amazing and talented women.. so greatful to have her as my mentor xoxo Amanda

I want the brochure!

I’m ready!

I want the brochure!

I’m ready!



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