I hope you’re sitting down for this one, 

In 6 months from now you have a business. One that you love, with clients coming in and you are not confused about what to do next!

Pretty freakin’ incredible right.

Instead of saying ‘later’, something triggered you said ‘now’.

You dedicated real time to growing your business – not that ‘sorta kinda kind of time’ & you focused consistently building all while being supported by the Hello Life Academy!

 Can you imagine being part of our 2020 Hello Life Academy Mastermind?

The idea you have…is going to be moved forward, and you are GUIDED into that.

🙌🏻Figuring out who you are selling to – done.

🙌🏻Figuring out where to market – done.

🙌🏻Figuring out how to get people to your blog – heck yes that’s done too.

 It’s time to do something that is ‘not so you’, and break your pattern of ‘next time’ and do it ‘this time’.



My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

Get access to my free guide: Learn how to collaborate with other businesses! 

This is YOUR TIME…..shake it up xo

This year we are opening up a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to women who want to dedicate themselves & their business to the 2019 Hello Life Academy.

A fully paid full access to our 6 month business coaching mastermind.  


Should you apply, ab-so-freaking-lutely!

BECAUSE WE do not know if we’ll do this again next year!

WHY is this happening, because we can – and as a business owner we get to inspire more women to step into their role as CEO, we want them to:

❤️Find flexibility in their life

❤️Have the income they desire

❤️ Spend time working on a project that brings them passion, and brings back that ‘pep’ in their step

❤️ The freedom to make their own life choices

I can’t WAIT to hear from all of the beautiful women who apply. 

Your business IS MEANT TO GROW…and it will, but this is that crazy little thing called ‘fear’ creeping in.

How to Apply :
Follow these 3 rules, leave your COMMENT on this blog post – comments on this blog are accepted (nothing over email or facebook). The comment must be on this blog post  by JANUARY 26th 2020 9pm MTN). 

1. Who you are, what your business idea is and WHY you want a scholarship  xo

2. Where you will be IF you spend 6 months with us growing your business (what’s  your vision/ how will we really help you grow?)


Fine Print: 

The Hello Life 202O Opens for enrolment on JANUARY 28TH 2020. Scholarship winners will be announced JANUARY 28TH & are chosen by our team & one current Academy member.

Our team has the right to choose 1 winner, or 5.

We value YOUR applications, but please note you must do all three steps above to be considered for the Hello Life Academy. The value of the scholarship is $5,000 Canadian and cannot be transferred, or given credit to another product or person.

Current clients,  or past Hello Life Academy members are not eligible to receive a scholarship.

. Winners will be announced on January 28th 10am MTN RIGHT Here on this page) 


  1. Megan

    We are excited to see your applications roll in!!
    Make sure to do these steps to access the full scholarship ($5,000 value!)

    1. Who you are, what your business idea is and WHY you want a scholarship xo
    2. Where you will be IF you spend 12 months with us growing your business (what’s your vision/ how will we really help you grow?)

  2. Jen Ostrander

    OHMUHGOODNESH!! THIS SCHOLARSHIP IS SO EXCITING!! My name is Jen Ostrander and I’m a beginner business mindset coach. I have made $22 so far on a mini course (woohoo — hey man better than nothing!!) I would LOVE to expand my coaching business to help other beginning ladies start and expand their online business!! In 12 months I’m going to be close to 6 figures, giving back to my favorite charities, traveling, helping my kids through college, and most importantly…helping women live the life they’ve always dreamed of by starting their own business and having the mindset of a CONFIDENT QUEEN!!

  3. Liz Campbell

    Yes, I would love this scholarship!
    I’m Liz Campbell and I own M12 Fitness, a personalized fitness and nutrition company helping women look and feel good! I train women both in person and virtually and have recently released my first ever downloadable guide about nutrition! I would love this scholarship because Megan’s teachings have helped me grow in every way and I want to see how much farther I can get with my business! The sky is NOT the limit for this girl!
    My goal is to quit my day job and have a popular online training platform full of women from all over the world! I want to be able to work remotely whenever possible and I feel this would be a reality if I was a part of Hello Life Academy!
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity, Megan!

  4. Jennifer Parker

    This is amazing!

    I’m Jennifer Parker, I’m a younique Presenter and I’ve been really wanting to start up a blogging business. My blogging business is going to be more for my creative side and helping other moms find the joy. As a mom of 5 young kids, one with autism/adhd and another with adhd I feel ive learned TONS of things that could help other moms on their journey. Things like how nutrition can affect behaviour to different parenting strategies that I’ve been taught to help with various behaviours. I’ve also recently discovered reiki and I’m going to be pursuing reiki training for myself as another way to help others feel better about themselves and to let go of some of the things that are holding them back.

    My financial goals are to be able to help contribute to our family finances and to live comfortably without worrying about how to pay this months bills. But my biggest goal to help other moms and parents to not have to feel how I’ve often felt on this parenting journey. I plan on selling some of my digital creations that I’m learning how to make as well as offering various classes and reiki/body talk sessions when I’ve completed my training

  5. Janine Arscott

    My name is Janine, I am the Owner of sam & nat ~ custom jewelry design, based in Airdrie,Alberta. I create beautiful one of a kind hand stamped copper jewelry, capturing your children’s name, family members, special words, quotes, whatever you choose to have stamped!
    I have been following HLA for several years and would love this AMAZING opportunity to work with Megan and her team. I have watched her and those that surround her grow their own business ideas, and I would love to follow in those experienced footsteps. sam & nat has always been a small side business for me, however, I am ready to L E V E L U P and put in the work! I want to grow my business to allow me to enjoy the things that matter the most to me, to tuck my babies in every night, to be at every game, activity, and event. If I were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work with HLA for 6 months it would include making a serious impact in my social media, creating a massive online presence with my online storefront, and having a huge stockist list! I am certain that with hard work and commitment HLA will assist me in achieving all of these things and much much more!

  6. Wendy Kennedy

    Hi Megan,
    My name is Wendy Kennedy and I am the owner of Millie’s Modern Vintage. I show people how to shop sustainably for their closet and their home and how to make vintage work in this modern world. I started this business in May 2019, not quite knowing at the time where I wanted to go with it but I have a fire lit under me!
    I attended the Banff retreat and it was so amazing to be around other women who wanted to do more and who were willing to do things for a complete stranger.
    There are a couple reasons why I am applying. I see that what I am doing is making a difference and my vision is more clear every day. Having extra guidance (and the push to do scary things) on this entrepreneur roller coaster would be so amazing. I appreciate you Megan and how you so effectively drop those truth bombs and a few #@!x€/*@! along the way. You and this Academy definitely speak the language of my people. Secondly being able to be part of this Academy would be a blessing after a bit of a tough year. I am GOING to make Millie’s my full time job.
    The quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with“ always resonated with me. Being part of this Academy would up that average in a huge way!

  7. Emma Harding

    My name is Emma Harding and I am the owner of Rockit Vocal Studios. I teach people to find their voice, build confidence in their sound and learn to use their instrument to it’s full potential either through singing or speaking.

    I desperately need guidance and time to be able to focus on growing my online presence and successfully re-launching all of the online courses I have created and are sitting sadly on my computer with no one to talk to!!

    My time is tapped out with one on one coaching, and my business has reached a plateau because I don’t currently have the accountability and confidence to launch this new side of my coaching.

    If I was able to spend 6 months growing my business with Megan and Hello Life Academy, I know it will get me to a position that will give me the opportunity to reach all of the other potential clients I cant fit in for one on one coaching and also offer much more affordable options for potential clients on a larger scale.

    Having a successful streamlined online platform will mean I will have freedom, flexibility and be able to spend more time volunteering group coaching sessions like I used to and be able to give more than be stuck on a treadmill I have created for myself!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply!

  8. Shelly Rimes

    My name is Shelly Rimes and I am the owner of Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Inc. I formulate, manufacture and distribute a Health Canada NPN licensed Pain Relief ointment.
    I would very much like to upscale my online presents and product sales. I need guidance and “focus” strategies to grow my online presence. I often feel like I am wearing too many hats within the company. It truly is time to figure out how to stop wearing myself thin and proceed with a steady well paced plan.

    My business has shown outstanding growth and the potential presented has become huge but…. I’m afraid that I will lose my work/life happiness balance if I continue as I am doing now.

    I believe with Megan and Hello Life Academy, I will get an idea of how and where to focus my energies. Key for me is to put into place plans, short and long term.

    Within my company I have been steadily laying the ground work to create awareness of our product. We are now in a really exciting position where customers are starting to look for our product. I believe we are missing out on growth potential due to lack of focused direction. We are not currently meeting goals for growing our online sales. We need to scale up.

    Having a successful streamlined online platform will mean so many things to myself and my company. Simply put… Work/Life Balance and all the good things that come with this.

    Thank you Megan for the opportunity to apply!

  9. Thais

    My name is Thais Lopes and I am a traditional artist/ poet. My idea is to sell my own paintings and poems and in so doing have the freedom to use my creativity to its full potential. I would really appreciate this scholarship since I am currently unemployed. I have tried to build my own business but with little to no success. I would appreciate a leg up. I also want to contribute monetarily to my family and help us become more stable financially.

    I will follow each and every step of the process and learn as much as I possibly can. I want to be a success story and not a starving artist. In 6 months I imagine having my own pieces ready to sell, my own website, and a method in which I can make money. I have wanted my own business since 2012 and am really excited at the prospect.

    Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity! I look forward to a bright future.

  10. Yadira Chevere

    Hi Megan!

    I’m Yadira Chevere, I’m a health coach and a mental wellness company partner. Almost 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness but I have been able to overcome some of the symptoms through nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation. I know first hand what it feels like to one day wake up in a totally different body. I also know how we can regain our health back and I want to help other women who are up for the challenge do the same.

    I believe that getting this scholarship would give me the unique opportunity of working with you Megan. It would also give me the chance to be surrounded by a group of other amazing business women that are willing to invest in themselves in order to grow.

    Spending the next 6 months growing and really focusing on my business would give me the clarity to create the right programs, grow my social media presence, and come up with systems necessary to build a business that is sustainable. This scholarship would make a huge difference in my life (financially) and in the lives of the women that I get to work with.

    Thank you in advance for this amazing opportunity! Trust me, it would not be wasted!

  11. Danielle

    Hello I am Danielle A Thompson I am a mom, wife, healer, and owner of Beautiful Balance.

    Life took me for an eye opening journey the last four years. And the journey of a lot of highs but mainly lows. And a opening to heal myself and my loved ones.

    This is where it all came from. I took my level one reiki almost 10 years ago. And I used it here and there. But than the universe shouted its messages at me and I completed the other two levels within the last two years.

    Beautiful Balance was born just shy of a year ago. And has been evolving ever since. My purpose and passion is to empower other women and nurturers on their journey of energetic healing, self discovery, care and healing through a combination of energy healing, education, and mentoring.

    What makes me different than other energy healers?

    I want to empower you through education around our energies and I want to mentor you into learning how to start doing regular energy work on yourself between sessions.

    I believe that if you don’t understand it you won’t believe it and you won’t try it or have the chance to see the impact and beautiful Balance it can bring to your everyday.

    I believe it’s a whole package deal and that for you to know what is being shared at the end of sessions you need to have been given some knowledge around the whole system.

    There is so many layers within your life force energies that it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

    Myself; Danielle has built Beautiful Balance around this exact mission and purpose. I built it without really trying to be unique but I have come to see that this is what sets me apart! What makes me one of a kind!

    I want the scholarship because I have hit a place of being stuck and I need help with expanding outside of the normal and learning how to showcase the whole package offer instead of just being seen as another reiki healer. I have more knowledge and training to expand that and I need support in expressing it and finding the right words and partners to grow and empower so many more women on to reclaim their birth rights and take back their natural born healing powers.

    In six months I would like to see 5-6 women step into their healing journey and start reclaiming their right and superpowers. And I want to see a planet that is on the first step to optimal healing of body mind and souls of its people.
    I want to be able to have steady income and sustainable abundance.

    I have been running my business for over a year and have seen little growth and I have finally completed my 1:1 offer and want to bring it to become the forefront and main focus and with becoming apart of the academy and learning and growing more with online business learning I believe I can step forward with this journey and have the foundation built to show case it to others and allow them to see the potential it’s create for them.

  12. Tara Jo Kadlec

    Hello! My name is Tara Jo Kadlec. I own Love Your Journey. I am an intuitive wellness coach who specializes in working with women using various healing modalities. I have truly struggled these past couple of years enduring painful health issues which I know has been a part of why my business has failed to increase. I believe we are a reflection of our businesses. So what goes on inside us affects those around us. Including our clients. I believe with my own personal health crisis I have been able to help a lot of women achieve success because I understand where they are coming from.
    I’m just now coming out of the shadows of my health and id like to place a focus on improving my mindset around my business. Being able to establish what I want out of it and really narrow down who I can help.
    With financial strains I’m unable to commit to something like this but I would be so grateful for a scholarship. I’d feel like a brick has been lifted to be able to have one on one help and the accountability of others.
    I firmly believe that if I’m meant to go forward in this program that it’ll be what is needed for me and my business.
    Thank you Megan and team for the opportunity. Golden ideas are to come. ❤️

  13. Katherine Morris

    I am so excited about having another chance to win a scholarship with Hello Life Academy.

    My name is Katherine. I am 47 years old. I am a mother and grandmother. I love animals and have 4 cats

    Since I found out I was grandmother I have had a t-shirt biz and hopefully accessories business that promotes positive affirmations for young children. I believe positively and confidence can be built from a very young age and is very important.

    In 6 months from now I would like to see my business create a movement of empowerment for children. I would also like to see an income that creates abundance for my family so we are not living off of social security. That income would help me buy a home to also pursue my dream of having an animal rescue ranch in memory of my ex mother in law.

    Thank you again for this opportunity.

  14. Candice McKnight

    Hi! My name is Candice and I have recently designed mindful fitness and coaching. A fitness trainer with a focus on fitness for mental health. My foundation is starting with a ground up approach, back to basics with habits and routine. I have a lot to learn about running my own business, I’ve worked as a legal assistant for the last 15 years but have always felt a calling to do more..once I got off medication for my anxiety by implementing a regular fitness routine i new i had to share it with the world. I am starting from new and still work as a legal assistant to pay my bills. A year from now I hope to be making those payments doing what I love and even moreso, I hope to show others suffering from anxiety and depression that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to work for it and it’s not an easy journey.

  15. Cheryl Bishop

    Hello Megan,

    I recently started my Event Consulting business, Eventurous. I have wanted to have my own business since before taking the Event Management program in 2007, however life took me in different directions and gave me different experiences. I relate to you and your stories so MUCH. Every success and every oops as made me a better person and professional. Also, there are just some personalities that can’t be held back (I think we both fit that bill).
    I have so many goals now that I have finally started my business. 1. I need to let people know I am out here, ready to plan their next event. 2. I have so many ideas for my business and beyond. I have ideas for a blog and a youtube channel, etc and so on. So what I want and hope for through the scholarship is to keep myself focused and give myself a priority list. I am already getting so much out of your planner, I can only imagine what the academy could do for my business.
    6 months from now, I would love to be focusing solely on my business and finding a healthy balance between business and home.
    Much love 🙂

    • Cheryl Bishop

      So on the subject of Oops – I was going to add my name to the bottom and hit the trigger too soon. It won’t delete.

      So hey, Megan, my name is Cheryl and I am the owner of Eventurous – Event Consulting. 🙂

    • Megan

      Thank you so much for sharing this application with us xo EVENT consulting is SO needed. Mistakes are growth = always. I can’t be held back and I’m picking up that neither can YOU xo I look forward to seeing more of you around 😉 Please make sure to check our Facebook Business Page tomorrow (January 27th at 7pm MTN) to hear the winner announced!
      – Megan

  16. Kristen Lyons

    My name is Kristen. I own Hebe Beauty. I do eyelash extensions, teeth whitening and lash lifts. After two years in the making, I finally have a spot rented to do my services. This scholarship would help me excel in my business so much because honestly I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to marketing, business building, etc. As a single mom this is something that even though I would love to invest in myself, it wouldn’t be possible for quite some time! And I really would love to speed up the process! The process of having a thriving business! I have a desire to be successful, expand my business, have employees, and offer education courses in the future to empower other women to work for themselves! This would help me so much so those things can happen sooner!

    • Megan

      Kristen – I am SO proud and excited to see your application I KNOW How hard you work! Being a single mom is tough but YOU are expanding so much xo YOU thrive the family thrives. Please check our FB business page tomorrow night at 7pm MTN when we announce the winner! – Megan xo

  17. Lisa

    My name is Lisa and I have honestly started and stopped a few times creating a business because well it never felt right. It always felt like I had to force it and I’ll be honest I got seriously overwhelmed and off track a bunch but what I have learned is all of that is what led me to my purpose and a chance to really put it all together.

    So my new biz is to help women entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3 to 5 years now who have been hustling so hard for so long. She has become quite successful with her business… but she is exhausted, she has sacrificed so much that her health, her relationships and her own spirit hurts. She knows she could get her business to the next level but she’s stuck. Her biggest fear is with more success it will lead to more issues & more problems and this is where I can help.

    I’d love love the honor of receiving this scholarship because well I love Megan and have had the pleasure of working with her one-on-one and I carry my giant brainstorming session everywhere with me breaking down the steps she showed me before and trying to do the same with my previous business idea. I was also completely unwilling to get online and be on freakin video & I know that has to change & I will. I was so afraid of saying the wrong thing because my other previous business idea didn’t feel right. But now talking about burn out, losing your mojo, creating better habits, self-love, etc well I’ve lived that so it’s not me trying to teach something that I’m not truly invested in or doing really understand the science behind an issue. So it feels way different.

    In 6 months my new business will have had its first really big launch $200K and will be ready to begin its second round. I will have a complete plan & structure in place and that will allow me more time to focus on serving my beautiful women even more. And, I will have developed an amazing connection with other beautiful women entrepreneurs who I will hopefully be able to work with as well.

    Thank you Megan for this amazing opportunity. Even if I don’t receive the scholarship I’m just grateful for the opportunity and just writing all this out has given me even more clarity and excitement. I’m sure whoever you chose will do incredible things. Good luck ladies. Much

  18. Jacqueline Nichols

    My name is Jacqueline Nichols, AKA Jacquie and I am the owner of Ever After Beauty. I am a beauty studio specializing in Classic eyelash extensions, also offering waxing and threading and expanding into makeup services. I want to make women feel beautiful both on the inside and outside. I want them to feel confident not only when they leave my studio but when they go home and get ready for a night out on the town. I want to understand what beauty means to women and help them achieve THAT feeling.

    I want but also need this scholarship more than I can even fathom. This scholarship will help me really reign in my ideas, help me become a household name to the ladies of Airdrie and surrounding areas. I want people to know who Ever After Beauty is and what I stand for and I really want to be able to give back to my community and those that support me. I believe this scholarship will help me achieve this. I’ve followed Hello Life Academy for about a year now and have learned so much and put some of what I have learned into action but lack the confidence to really jump in with both feet and I believe this scholarship will really help me with gaining that confidence and seeing what I am truly capable of doing!

    If/when I get to spend 6 months with the HLA growing my business I believe I can expand my business from not only offering services but also offering education and a place where women can come and learn and feel confident in different aspects of beauty. I see my social media platforms transforming from where they currently are to a flow that will attract people from all aspects of life, not just women! I see me not only being able to meet but far exceeding my current financial goals and being able to assist more with not only my home but with the community!! I want to give back and I feel HLA will really help me with getting there. This will help me not only achieve this dream but the dreams I have of traveling with my family and being more present to my kids. Being part of the HLA community would really help me with the push to making my business the success I KNOW it will be!!

    Application submitted!! I wish everyone luck and can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner will be!!

  19. Kerrie Hart

    Hiya Megan and HLA Team! My name is Kerrie Hart and I own Kerrie Hart Photography. I’ve been redefining where I see my photography business and my background with personal development/coaching. My passion is supporting, celebrating, capturing and exploring the essence of each of my clients. I’ve been shooting for over 10 years and I keep coming back to the question ” How do we rise? How do we lean into love for ourselves, our work and our lives as women?” We do this with community. We do this by speaking up and out with so much freakin grit and so much freaking grace! I feel that if given this scholarship opportunity with HLA I could expand and share this message through various platforms. I see The Grit and Grace Collection becoming something that supports so many women in getting their story out there. I don’t have a complete plan and that’s where HLA and Megan come in to shine their light and guide me to the next level.
    It’s an exciting to time to start saying YES to all the things!! Good luck everyone!

  20. Mireille Nalder

    Hello! My name is Mireille and I own and have coached at Live it Fitness for the last 5.5 years. Live it Fitness provides a small group training experience for women who are looking for support in lowering barriers to making fitness a part of their lifestyle, by: offering a non-judgmental, safe, supportive atmosphere where you can show up as you are, and where you will be met where you’re at. This has been my niche in a nutshell for the last 5 years. But I’m ACHING to expand my services and to tap into a niche that has been pulling on my heart strings for a long time. Motherhood and mental health.

    The HLA would help me get clear on the HOW. I have separate components in the works in this area but need support and guidance on how to turn this into a business model so that I can serve and reach more women and give birth to this project of mine that wants to be birthed so badly 🙂

    • Megan

      This is SO exciting! I am so glad to see your applciation come through Mireille! I admire what you do and your commitment is AMAZING!!! We will be going live tomorrow night at 7pm (january 27th) over on the Facebook business page to announce the winner!

      – Megan

  21. Kara

    Hi, I’m Kara.
    I started following Meghan when I saw what she was doing through B-School.
    My issue is always around clarity and self sabotage. I also love shiny new ideas to keep the passion going.
    So what I have going right now are the following:
    Four Walls Studio – interior design, specializing in kitchens and 3D renderings
    Attuned – paintings and crystal wands and whatever my heart comes up with next
    Community project – building a location for creative, travel loving single moms to be supported and thrive

    In addition to these I have a part-time job that I’d love to drop, as soon as business is stable.

    I want the business scholarship to finally get 1, 2, and/or 3 of these bringing in steady profit. The community one is new for me but HUGE passion, and id have to refine & get clear on vision to approach investors.

    Being in this mentorship program would connect me with Other women who are doing it. Taking action and making it happen, reminding me I’ve got this and I’m powerful.

    My vision for 6 months is that I have purchased a location/land for the community with sole partners and fundraising is strong. This will be my trial run, baby step, to see how it goes.
    My design and art businesses will be almost exclusively online, bring huge profits and allow for my son and I to travel, planning for our getaway next winter. I wouldn’t mind trying worldschooling.
    I will need peaceful, strong and present. Loving every moment with my son.

    • Megan

      Kara – thank you for submitting an application! IT is so powerful to be connected to other women and taking your design business to the next space xo I 100% understand the value of spending those loving moments with our kids. We announce the winner tomorrow (January 27th) at 7pm MTN on our Facebook business page!
      – Megan xo

  22. Shelby Simmonds

    Hello, my name is Shelby Simmonds and I am the owner and creative behind the lens of Twisted Tree Photography. I have been one foot in and one foot out (so to speak) with my business over the last four years. I guess in ways I have always found something else to tie up the majority of my time so that I didn’t have to worry about failing, if I just kept it as my little side hustle. One thing I have come to realize is that my little side hustle is much more than that and that I myself can succeed, and have the power to take this company to new levels. My focus as a photographer has been in capturing couples who have a love of western culture, as well as lifestyle/fashion photography. But I am ready to scale and take my passion for photography to new heights with a clear direction and also into different areas as well. I want to not only photograph fewer weddings and make more, but I would also like to get into video, and into mentorships/education for others. This is where I know the Hello Life Academy Scholarship would truly change my life and my business. Not only do I want to grow my business but I want it to also be the means to my freedom, allowing me to expand it into much more than what it is. I would be honoured to receive the HLA Scholarship as it would allow me to work alongside and learn from some exceptionally incredible women. I also love to speak and educate, and can also see this as an amazing chance to later on help others.

    Where will my business be in 6 months? I can tell you it won’t be where it is right now. My vision for my business is to have it grow with the ever expanding technological/social world we are now in. My business will be more online based which will allow me to take a step back from working every weekend. With this diversification I will be able to travel more and spend more time living my life and not just working to live. In 6 months I will have such a definitive direction and a strong brand that I will be able to expand and launch/branch into other areas as well.

    As for me, in 6 months? I know that I too will not be the same person that is sitting here writing this out. After spending one day with Megan, I left an entirely different person. And though yesterday may have been like a pebble thrown into the stream (changing its trajectory), I know that after 6 months with HLA both my life and myself personally will be like the river after a giant boulder has been dropped into it. To me, Hello Life Academy is so much more than business development, it is saying “Hello to your Life” and learning to not only grow, strengthen, and develop your business, but at the same time gives you your life back and allows you the tools to say “Hello” to your life, making it your blank canvas.

    Thank you so much to Megan and everyone behind the Brand for giving me this opportunity.


  23. Alexandria

    This is so amazing that you are offering this!

    I am Alexandria, a San Diego mom of six little ones and started my virtual assistance business last year. It started off really slow but seems to be picking up a bit and would love to go through this program to get all the essential tools.

    I want this scholarship because I honestly can’t afford to invest in my business. I’ve asked my husband a couple times for the money and he’s not willing to let me spend so much on something he doesn’t believe it. I am so ready to prove him wrong and how I can level it up by being in this program!

    My big goal for my business is to grow into an agency and help provide other stay at home moms like myself with a flexible job. I want to be able to teach other moms how to become a VA and have them working with me. Never to feel like they are working under me. Us moms need all the support we can get!

    In six months growing with you all, I will be able to match my husbands income, teach a couple moms that have already reached out to me to become a VA and help provide them with a job. I want to pass on the skills I learn to other women. I want to empower them to know they can work a real job from home and spend time with their babies.

    Thank you so much for reading my long response and considering for the scholarship.

    • megan

      Alex -thanks so much for applying! We are announcing the winner of the scholarship tonight at 7pm over on our Facebook business page!

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