5 Mistakes to avoid as a new entrepreneur


Your business is beautiful, whether its month one, or month two – you are excited. From the new network marketing company you just joined or maybe it’s your deep dive into creating websites for other business owners. YOU are going to rock it. After working with 1000’s of entrepreneurs I wanted to share with you a short but sweet podcast episode on the 5 most common mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make.


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Which one of these mistakes will you make sure to avoid moving into the next year.

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  1. Take it SERIOUSLY (there is a value associated with what you have to offer) 

  2. Giving away everything for free (you need to make money in your business so you CAN give things for free lateR)

  3. Listening to every single other human being except YOURSELF.  

  4. Quitting, turning your marketing on and off in your marketing


Megan Lockhart - Hello Life Academy




My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


Listen to our Podcast all about women in business -  relationships, tiny home living & marketing strategies (aka everything entrepreneurs experience!) 

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