An Instagram account can be the most useful marketing tool for new entrepreneurs – but only if you stop wasting time scrolling & spend 90 seconds a day following this plan!  

I’m going to show you how to spend only 90 seconds a day to increase visibility and encourage your audience to talk BACK to you. Because social media is meant to be social, relationships are important in business xo 

How to get real Instagram followers


This is a a QUICK and dirty fix to what may be a stagnant Instagram account (uh oh!). You know those weeks or months when you just CAN’T figure out what to do or say? You can fix the lack of engagement and profile views on your Instagram account within a week or two! 

Let me say though this is not a long term marketing strategy, and ideally, you would be doing this strategy in alignment with a more solid marketing plan. (Aka knowing who you want to engage with / what you’re selling) But if you aren’t there yet this is PERFECT. You can totally start following this 90-second plan to get your Instagram account growing with real followers.

Real followers matter the MOST, it’s one thing to have 100000 followers that don’t want to buy, and another to have 100 that do. Which would you choose?

To start:  

  1. You should have an IG account (here’s mine just in case) 
  2. You should be USING hashtags in your newsfeed already  (meaning you should have #hellolifeacademy #healthcoach #calgary ) Hashtags act as a directory so people can find you faster. Watch the video I show you which ones I click on.
  3. This is a basic 90 second a day strategy, its not a LONG term solution to your sales but it is one that will work if you’re not seeing ANY movement on your IG. I still use this strategy when I’m waking up in the morning – and it does encourage people to talk ‘back’ on my posts.
  4. Watch this video on our IGTV to watch EXACTLY how I spend 90 seconds a day increasing engagement. 

Then to start the 90 seconds a day Instagram strategy, dive in here:  

1. Open up your Instagram account

2. Pick ONE of your most recent newsfeed posts (one with likes on it already)

3. Click on one of the hashtags YOU have used

4. Find someone who looks like ‘you’re kinda person’ and leave a comment on their newsfeed post and follow them

5. Leave some REAL comments on the hashtag you used

Here is the exact process our team uses for Instagram engagement:

I use #healthcoach in a lot of our posts because I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition AND love working with health coaches. They are 100% part of my target market for our 2020 Hello Life Academy launch. 

I click on the #healthcoach hashtag and find 1 million Health Coaches (or maybe even more!) these women and health coaches ARE MY target market. We love helping health coaches, life coaches build businesses online and understand the digital marketing space.

We leave real comments on some of their posts to show them that we are HERE if they need support in growing their online business.

A real comment would be something you would say in PERSON, just because you’re only doesn’t mean you have to act all crazy and like people don’t matter! 

That means not just a quick “love this”, “like this”, make sure you treat it as if you ran into someone in a coffee shop and you’re talking to them IN PERSON! 

What is a real Comment? I have some samples of what to say on your Instagram account below, and if you need even more information about cultivating real relationships click here to read this post.  

Sample One of what to say on Instagram: I love this recipe, what would be an alternative for people who are allergic to dairy.

Sample two of what to say on Instagram: Where did you get those shoes from they would go perfect with my new hot pink dress Watch this video (Here) and it will show you the 90-second a day process I use xo I find it helps so much to have a visual.


How to use Instagram


I’ve got to tell you, I fully understand if you’re like what’s the point of Instagram?  For a while, I  felt a little bit ‘old’ when I started using Instagram. I was lost…confused, and felt like WHY are people posting pics of themselves all day every day. Then I shook myself a bit and said – this is MODERN marketing, and evolution – things change, and those who embrace change succeed xo

That doesn’t mean you have to hop on any and all trends, but it was pretty obvious that Instagram was going to stay around for a long time.

We doubled our Instagram followers in 5 months: 

Last year in February we had 5000 follower son Instagram.  I decided we would put more effort into it so that we could reach more women.  In 5 months we were able to reach 5000 more, which meant we reached our 10k GOAL! DOUBLED our Instagram account in less than 6 months – we did good 😉

The 90 second a day strategy is ONE tool we used, and I’m excited to share it with you. Remember – 90 seconds every day — it doesn’t sound like a lot but most women who are new to their businesses either go ALL In or quit 3 weeks in! Which one will you be?

But more importantly, that grew our EMAIL LIST by 1000 people – YUP, 1000 new people, which means we converted people from Instagram to our list (goals people goals!)!

If you’re first starting an online business or taking an existing business online – please pick TWO platforms get great at them and then grow.


My two recommended marketing platforms for women who are starting to grow their online businesses: 

Facebook & Instagram then when you get your groove I would encourage some others.

I watch SO many women try to use 10…or 20…or like 100 different marketing strategies to only realize that they aren’t doing any that well. Slow your roll ….and slow your SCROLL, and get better at Instagram. 

Will you commit to 90 seconds every day to growing your Instagram followers? Watch the video on how to engage for 90 seconds over on my IGTV and let me know your thoughts?

Photographer: Brodie Pierson Images 

Pink Balloon Wall Art: Maria Divina Gracia Galura 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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