I booked out my Airbnb dates within 48 hours — and I had NO CLUE what I was doing.  

I signed up for an account and dove right in within a few days I become an AirBnB host and made my first few thousand from it (yay!) 

When we first bought the RV Two years and parked it in Golden BC on our 40 acres I immediately wanted to renovate and rent it.

I had a vision of women spending weekends there and creating, writing, blogging, and just sipping wine in a place different from the city.

But then we went out for dinner with friends – and everyone told me ‘that’s silly’, ‘Megan you don’t have to rent it out maybe you should just not, start it as a business. At the time the dream wasn’t fully lit in my heart so I let the idea of renting it out go and decided to enjoy it as a family. 

It’s interesting how things ALWAYS come back at the right time when they are meant to. Your ideas that are meant to inspire and fill your heart and soul up will always circle back to you if you’ve ignored them. 

We ended up using it and then I forgot about my entire mission to have it listed for rent lol. BUT — it’s strange how ideas and things line up when they are meant to! 

The idea came to me when I was sitting with my mom at the table – My RV sits empty a lot of the days in the summer and the property is BEAUTIFUL so why wouldn’t I let others stay in it and make a little extra money to spend on vacationing other places with my kids.

1 hour later I set up my listing on Airbnb — 2 hours later I had 2 bookings.

AN hour after that I realized I made MISTAKES and I quickly came down from my first few booking high — and realized WTF am I doing. 

When the high from the ‘initial sale’ went away I experienced failure…

  1. What was I doing?
  2. Who was I?
  3. Am I really ready?
  4. Will I be okay with other people sleeping in the beds?
  5. Crap — crap. Crap I now have to deal with cleaning crap off the toilets lol.


So I did what any logical woman would do: I went to IKEA! New Sheets, New Coffee Mugs, New Towels,  New frying pans! 


I Drank a lot of coffee and went into GO mode. There was NO WAY I was going to let my words take over my ACTION. Reminded myself that if I spend a bit of money  to get organized and prepared – the  few thousand dollars is WORTH IT.  

I spent $233 at the Calgary Ikea & was on my way to a new business opportunity. Within 4 hours (2 hours at ikea and 2 hours on Amazon) I got most of what I needed and then spent 2 hours on Amazon ordering new cleaning supplies and gloves. 

I got most of the sheets and new duvet covers in the As-Is section for over 40% and they were discounted because they were the old DISPLAY models — SWEET xo  But Megan – don’t spend more, or …you just lost your profits from your first stay.

Our place is an RV, which means — there are things that aren’t regular — like you can’t drink the water from the taps, and the shower is low flow, and well you can’t flush all the things down the toilet. 

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I was excited initially about the opportunity and was over the moon when the bookings started to roll in — but I got scared. Super scared, that I almost pulled the plug and cancel all the bookings.

How did I shift and let it all flow? I went for a quick bike ride and told myself that if I screw up that’s OKAY. That if I have to give someone a refund because I make a big mistake…that’s OKAY. 

That if someone writes on the walls or rips the curtains — that’s OKAY. 

And OKAY is better than not showing up, because how amazing is it to give people an opportunity to stay in an RV on a beautiful piece of land….I am blessed and want to share that with people. 

The other thing I recognized was — by doing little things over the last 2 years that scared me I built confidence bit by bit. 

“While “fail fast and often” is the constant refrain of the lean startup movement and many others, no one really wants to fail” thanks to the Harvard Business review for the gentle reminder. 

Just like a puzzle, that you leave on the table for years — it’s okay to add pieces every day when you walk by.

Just don’t forget about it or the pieces start to disappear and you LOSE your confidence, yourself and your sense of adventure. Little things that I’ve done like signing up for a class I wasn’t sure I’d see an ROI on, blogging and being intimate, getting sued and realizing I’ll be OK, buying and applying for my first car loan as a self-employed woman, staying in an RV by myself with the kids, lighting my very first fire all on my own, hiking 1km even though I’m WILDLY afraid of bears,  getting back on a bicycle after 15 years of NOT riding one, trying a class at F45 —> everything may seem so small but without them I would not have the courage and confidence I have today. 

Do the small thing – pick up the book that scares you, show up for a meetup that seems intimidating.

Start the business. Open the AirbnB, go watch the person speak about their successes, SUBMIT your articles to be published. 

To say you will make mistakes when you start ANY business —is an understatement, but to make the mistake of NOT trying and not doing — is scarier, and it’s a bigger risk.

If you’re a woman, a mom, and you need to make money —> let that drive you to stepping into the scary things that come up with starting a business. When a woman has to feed her kids and make her own money that fear disappears pretty darn fast.

You will make many mistakes, and when you do I want to high five you for them. That SPARK of joy that comes from DOING new things is something I never want to lose. Do you have a place you can rent out? A room,  a space? Check out Airbnb so far the experience has been amazing and I can’t wait to hear how you moved past fear? The fear of i’m not sure if anyone will rent it, make money from it or is it just…..weird? xo 

Photos: Brodie Pierson

Location: South Centre Mall Calgary ChromaYYC

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xo Megan Lockhart

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