With Coronavirus, everything is changing and we have a little bit more time to focus inward. Which is why I knew I had to have Gina Brogan on the podcast ASAP.


To help us understand how to step into discovering it is what it is we truly want and to start living that life now (or as soon as we can get back to somewhat of a regular schedule)

This episode is a real conversation about how marriages, relationships, businesses, suffer when we start to become really comfortable and uncertain of what we want.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happens during this show:


One: Learn to know what you STAND for. Values, opinions and your perspectives. 


Two: Making everyone else comfortable does not serve us as business owners, women, humans  


Three: What is worthiness? If you feel like you are waking up making decisions that do not support who you are becoming – do this exercise with Gina. 


Four: Who am I becoming? Ask yourself this today, and do some self-reflection. Do you like who she is stepping into? Are you able to answer this question?


Five: How do you shift and step into your future self? Gina asks us what we truly want out of life. And if you are saying “I don’t even know” you have to do number 6.


Six: Ask yourself  what you DON’T want so you can in the contrast discover what it is you truly DO want.


Seven: Start creating a desires list, not a GOALS list. Do not have any fear around this it’s YOUR list.


Eight: Each of us has a unique set of desires that we deep down know but the outside voices have shifted them. HONOUR them, it’s time to step into them. Discover who you really are and what you are worthy of.

Hello Life Academy - Megan Lockhart

I really hope you listen and find joy from this episode. Gina’s light shines bright and it helps give us permission to also shine bright. These are uncertain times – but we can be certain about one thing: Love is all around us when we look for it.


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Links and Resources we may have chatted about in this episode:

1 – Gina Brogans Facebook Page and Instagram account

2 – Get access to more awesome Gina as she really can help us discover what we really want. CLICK HERE to download her video. 





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