You know a little while back (like last year) I would see all these people online talking about dream boards, vision boards & manifestation — creating what you wanted. I sort-a-kinda believed it, but maybe not fully. I had my doubts.
I thought that wasn’t possible – but the longer I am in business, the more I realize, 9/10 what you ask for happens.
There are times when I say “i need more free time”…and then I get what feels like WAY to much free time.
Or “I want to be home more with the kids”…and then the kids get sick and i’m home with them (not exactly what I had in mind). 

When I sat back and looked at my own business & what it was I wanted to create — it was a luxury experience, but hands on. A place where I would sit with clients very closely — and offer them the luxury they were craving xo I could see it —>

“I saw luxury — I saw the Fairmont Banff Springs. But…as soon as I thought it I said “Megan you can’t afford that”….”It’s too high end for you”.
The rooms are $500+ per night. Megan…you’re crazy. It’s not possible. Who do you think you are…who cares, you can’t afford it. 
Can you believe how mean we talk to ourselves as entrepreneurs and women? I WOULD NEVER say that to a client or my kids — i’d say lets do it, let’s figure out a way to make that work.
And EVEN THOUGH I felt like it wasn’t going to happen at the time — I still put it out there, and then THIS YEAR — in just a few short days guess what is happening?
Our 2017 Hello Life Academy intensive is at the Banff Springs Fairmont….xo
20 women will be there, 20 entrepreneurs who started just like you (really)….who were scared to invest the money, scared to invest the time and doubted a lot of things.
But they dove in, I DOVE IN…..and we ventured into this beautiful year together. I can’t wait to celebrate, work hard…and be around these women who are hard working…..entrepreneurs xo
As I leave you today, I extend the opportunity to sit back, grab your journal — and answer these questions that will help pull you out of the “I can’t mindset” to…heck yes I can! 
What is coming up for you constantly?
What are you asking for — really? Did you ask for less work? Less ‘busy’?
What is the voice in your head keep saying? I don’t have the money/ time/ energy/ capabilities/ skills
What could you achieve if you had the tools, team and systems in place to support your business?
What could you achieve if someone was there to listen, connect, contribute and make sure you get things done?
What is it that you really want to see happen month by month in your business (in terms of finances) xo
What would change by December 2018 if you decided that this is the opportunity that feels right?
7 Questions to shift


You’re worth making the change. You are worth adjusting your dreams to be bigger. YOU can accomplish to many things when you believe in yourself xo

In love and success….xo

Megan Lockhart

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


© Copyright 2018 Hello Life Academy Inc. All Rights Reserved

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