I’ve been in B-school since 2015, and I’m so THANKFUL I took out my nearly maxed out credit card and signed up. 

My life BEFORE B-School 

At the time I was on Maternity leave making $800 a month, and spending about $2000 a month to live, paying for diapers, trying not to panic about all the things, and I was worried sick I would not be able to pay my credit card. Honest I had the most beautiful kids at home, and I had this incredible thing inside me that said “do it, do it, do it”. So I did and I told NO ONE. 

Because the old voices from my past, and current relationships were saying “you are NOT going to do the work”. And guess what – they were probably RIGHT


Life is FAST nowadays – so I knew I needed to just decide to DO IT. FB changes, IG changes, marketing changes, people change – faster than my Vizsla when he was 1. 

2015 stands out for me as the best year of my life. Dramatic – maybe, but it’s the truth.

My life DURING B-school

My first day in Marie Forleo’s B-school my energy came BACK – I was inspired by the other successful people, I was inspired by beautiful websites – and I was just ready to kick some biz butt. 

Then I logged in — and spent about 4 hours checking things out, downloading some things, all I needed to put together my first course. 

Because I spent time poking around in Marie Forleo’s site, I realized that my vision & desire to sell an online course was possible. An online course with 5 modules to help women achieve better health through living their life. 

 I started B-school March 2015, and by May 2015 on my 30th Birthday I launched my Signature Life Program and made my first 50,000 ONLINE. 

Thanks Marie Forleo – you’re the bees knees. 

Okay –  Yes I made 50k, but I also spent a lot of the money fast and furious,  2k on Bschool, borrowed 2k from my mom to pay for clothing I desperately needed, a few missed payments on a cell phone, I paid my website guy $1000, and gave him a percentage of every sale I made (because $1000 is NOT enough to build an online program peeps. but he did it, and believed in me and knew that percentage would come in) xo 

I took a few people out for dinner, I hosted a few parties for ‘launching’….which probably came out to about $5,000. Then I spent $5,000 to re-do my website and focus on getting my brand to a place that wouldn’t look so homeless (#sorrynotsorry). Photoshoots, better quality gifts, and a new computer. 

My life After B-school

It’s 2016, about 9 months AFTER I took B-school. I decided to take all my successful marketing skills and teach others — all the marketing skills they needed to grow a business. I sold 12 spots at $10,000k and made my first every 6 figures ❤️ Not from my business – in my life. In my life after quitting my corporate job, staying home with both my kids, paying staff, and building a business that is truly something that brings my heart joy.  

I’ve launched multiple Academy’s since 2016, our team (yup A TEAM!) and I have hosted over 24 live events (check out our B-school Bonus ) AND we’ve connected with 1000’s of women entrepreneurs. I’ve been nominated for awards, our clients have done TedX talks, Summits with 1000’s of people, published novels & have hit their financial goals. I wish I could list all of them. (I will someday) but for now – Congrats on believing in yourself #hellolifeacademy members. 

I’m on a theme of gratitude this week – for women who have changed my life.

And one last thing – thanks mom for loaning me the dollar bills and believing in me when you really didn’t have the money. I hope you’re proud xo 


Some people will always question if you’re ready, YOU will question if you’re ready — B-school will change your life, if you let it. 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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