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HLA TV 002: Audience Building

As an entrepreneur, your going to be presented with all of these tips, tricks and tools to GROW...you'll see them in Ads, Instagram, when you're out talking to people. SO BEFORE You watch this -- I want to start with; trust your gut. The most important piece of...

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The best Hotel for events: The Fairmont Banff Springs

Fairmont..it’s beautiful...and a big part of Canadian history. It’s world known - our clients look forward to spending the weekend there, it represents luxury, amazing vacations and a property that I once upon a time dreamed of having my wedding at. At the time when I...

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She caught it..and it can be pretty darn nasty.

She caught it —- it’s something she can’t shake, and even if she wanted to there’s not much right now, in this moment she can do to get rid of it. Comparasitis. The downward spiral of non-stop checking on social media, IG, reading blogs and books - to see what...

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These BirKs’ were made for walking….

What a woman wears on her feet says a lot about her, and if you look down - I'm either wearing one of two: Kate Spade heels or Birkenstock sandals.  I did an entire marketing campaign about Kate Spade & Converse = why it doesn't;'t make a difference what you wear...

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Designing Spaces you love – Kim Purvis Aurora Decor

Kim helped me design my living space (in a tiny trailer!) last summer and I loved the fabrics, design and level of cozy we were able to achieve in the trailer. No more brown curtains or terrible blinds! Absolutely transforming spaces that feel more like a place you...

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What to evaluate in your business every 12 weeks.

As creative entrepreneurs and business owners - we absolutely need to be somewhat 'organized'. I will openly admit - this is not my fave thing to do which is why I'm forever thankful that when my business started bringing in a little extra money - I hired an assistant...

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A simple fix to bring you business (using Facebook)

You're networking your butt off, or you THINK you're networking your butt off. It's Day FOUR in our Hello Life Academy FREE mastermind, and we are getting a little 'technical' today, even if you're brand new and not in the mastermind this is a good one!  Truthfully...

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