2019 enrolment is closed

2019 enrollment is closed

Layers to Sales Masterclass

For the last few years I have followed a very specific plan for marketing -- use facebook, build an email list, and create wonderful content so people can take information and implement it. I was excited to put together this class for our very special tribe of...

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Going into 2018 — fully implementing!

You were feeling ambitious, 2017 was coming to a close, you pulled out A Desire Map, Bad Ass books, money karma books, vision boards......and listened to every.single.podcast. about becoming a stronger version of yourself. YAY! But now....it's time to really shake...

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P.I.S.S.I.N.G people off….it happens to us all.

This is a hot topic right now. I’ve had conversations with lots of people over the years about “not wanting to upset people”. This week I am talking all about that. Why it happens and why that’s okay…(spoiler alert: it’s NOT because you’re a mean person!xo) Watch the...

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Love Affairs – week 3 (december 11)

Love Affairs, triangle.....menage a.....well you get the point.. Whatever your desires are - mine are crazy hot right now for three softwares. Watch the video and let me know if you are using any of them too! I'm talking about the three softwares our team and I have...

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The pieces to a successful business

There are two things that if someone asked me were very crucial in growing a successful business I would say: Planning & Collaborations There are so many amazing things to consider when growing a business but these 2 stand out in my mind as game changers.    I...

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You got Qs? We got As!

As entrepreneurs we are programed to want to keep moving and changing, to provide a better service, product, experience -- and although we all have that want, we don't always know exactly how to do things differently and we often have lots of questions. I receive TONS...

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POP — goes the champagne and your business

Right now when I look on social media or when I talk to other entrepreneurs a common theme is coming up -- PLANNING for GROWTH in 2019!  People all over are talking about goals, dreams, what changes they want to make, how they can expand, do they need to hire people,...

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