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The pieces to a successful business

There are two things that if someone asked me were very crucial in growing a successful business I would say: Planning & Collaborations There are so many amazing things to consider when growing a business but these 2 stand out in my mind as game changers.    I...

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4 Reasons Branding Photos will up your Business Game

Check out this incredible photo taken by the talented Brodie Pierson – doesn’t it give you all the 😍😍😍?? In today’s world everything is very visual and it is important to remember that when you are working on your business. People want to see...

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Hard? Maybe…Worthwhile? 100%

Recently I decided to get back to taking care of myself physically. This was a very very hard thing for me… for the last few years I have put everything - the business, kids, family, my community - all ahead of taking care of me. I built up a wall and told myself and...

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Fear or Power?

Who is the most powerful person you know? Now there are a lot of ways to define power. Strength, money, influence… But I am talking about the kind of power that is hard to define and yet when you are in the presence of it - you can’t deny it. It’s contagious and it is...

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Re-pin these designs! From the ReFerbish Group

My eyes and fingers always stop the scroll when I come across  the  work from Referbished Renovations. I am so passionate about beautiful, simple spaces - and although that is NOT one of my talents I am blessed to have so many incredible companies to work with!  I...

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Cultivating Real Connections Using Social Media

Have you have ever wondered what to say to complete strangers online aside from pressing the LIKE or LOVE button you're in the right spot. I'm going to show you the 5 ways to cultivate real connections & how to spend only 10 minutes a day changing your visibility...

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Woman to watch! Meet Lisa Marie Robinson

Aww the beautiful world of MONEY. You either love it, hate it, want to have a better relationship with it or you IGNORE IT until it creeps in on your business like WOAH. When I grew up there was NEVER enough money for anything, I learnt quickly that MONEY was always...

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