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Summer drinks – one of my Faves (no it’s not wine)

It’s been a hot summer, I’m talking hot hot hot. Which is great - because last winter, holy smokes it was cold enough to build igloos every darn day. We purchased a piece of land (40 acres...wanna buy some?). In beautiful British Columbia, and it’s been hot hot hot...

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HLA TV 002: Audience Building

As an entrepreneur, your going to be presented with all of these tips, tricks and tools to GROW...you'll see them in Ads, Instagram, when you're out talking to people. SO BEFORE You watch this -- I want to start with; trust your gut. The most important piece of...

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The best Hotel for events: The Fairmont Banff Springs

Fairmont..it’s beautiful...and a big part of Canadian history. It’s world known - our clients look forward to spending the weekend there, it represents luxury, amazing vacations and a property that I once upon a time dreamed of having my wedding at. At the time when I...

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She caught it..and it can be pretty darn nasty.

She caught it —- it’s something she can’t shake, and even if she wanted to there’s not much right now, in this moment she can do to get rid of it. Comparasitis. The downward spiral of non-stop checking on social media, IG, reading blogs and books - to see what...

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Wine

  Haters going to hate…hate hate hate. Let’s start by saying there is NO WAY that if you are doing things you love, are putting yourself out there and testing boundaries — you have never pissed someone off. I mean maybe they just haven’t told you, but generally...

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Woman to watch! Meet Lisa Marie Robinson

Aww the beautiful world of MONEY. You either love it, hate it, want to have a better relationship with it or you IGNORE IT until it creeps in on your business like WOAH. When I grew up there was NEVER enough money for anything, I learnt quickly that MONEY was always...

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I’ve got a nasty hangover..time to recover!

Here we are, days after our Hello Life Academy Intensive in Palm Springs at the Riviera Hotel & we have the dreaded, but expected - event hangover!   The high of being around incredible people, inspiring places and large amounts of sunshine are disappearing....the...

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