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Stroking ego’s…

You are an entrepreneur, the days where you feel AMAZING are so good & they are contagious. You got new clients, your e-mail open rates are higher and your vibes are HIGH. YOU CAN accomplish anything!!! But then - a client fires you, no one shows up for classes,...

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Marriage and choices (what and why do they matter)

This is an intense one. And...something I wasn't going to share. But as I said in the last post - I want you to see behind the scenes. Not just the "6 figure" launches. This is my personal story. Three years ago...give or take a few months, my son Rhett was born. He...

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The truth about cravings…

Hello beauties!! If you are anything like me, you crave a lot of things... Pizza... Wine... And something MORE. And I know that cravings go beyond what we put into our mouth, it's so much more, deeper - usually something that is missing from our life. ...

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freddy krueger teams…and then the dream team xo

I started HLA Academy, the magazine, the website the FB group with the intention of growing a team. I felt that it was empowering to look around, see the skills your friends had - and then pay them for it. I love doing it - I love being able to create "jobs" when I...

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When things come full circle (or box in this case)

 The craziest thing happened, someone came BACK into my life. Isn't it crazy how people stay connected to you? I sure think so.Which is why I can't tell you enough folks -- customer service, customer experience and don't discount someone when they. say NO the first...

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