2019 enrolment is closed

2019 enrollment is closed

POP — goes the champagne and your business

Right now when I look on social media or when I talk to other entrepreneurs a common theme is coming up -- PLANNING for GROWTH in 2019!  People all over are talking about goals, dreams, what changes they want to make, how they can expand, do they need to hire people,...

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Trust — it take time and committment xo

From the time you are fairly young you learn about this "trust" thing -- you figure out who you can trust and who you can't. You know that the people you trust are the ones who are there for you consistently and who values what you do. Building trust within business...

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The pieces to a successful business

There are two things that if someone asked me were very crucial in growing a successful business I would say: Planning & Collaborations There are so many amazing things to consider when growing a business but these 2 stand out in my mind as game changers.    I...

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4 Reasons Branding Photos will up your Business Game

Check out this incredible photo taken by the talented Brodie Pierson – doesn’t it give you all the 😍😍😍?? In today’s world everything is very visual and it is important to remember that when you are working on your business. People want to see...

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Hard? Maybe…Worthwhile? 100%

Recently I decided to get back to taking care of myself physically. This was a very very hard thing for me… for the last few years I have put everything - the business, kids, family, my community - all ahead of taking care of me. I built up a wall and told myself and...

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Fear or Power?

Who is the most powerful person you know? Now there are a lot of ways to define power. Strength, money, influence… But I am talking about the kind of power that is hard to define and yet when you are in the presence of it - you can’t deny it. It’s contagious and it is...

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Doesn’t everyone love a fun video?

Happy Saturday!! I hope you are all enjoying some FUN on this beautiful December day xo I just wanted to pop in here quickly to share with your something FUN we are up to. We released our first Megan and Brodie video on the Hello Life Academy page that we had so much...

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Women to watch in January xo

Umm...have you ever been around women who just INSPIRE YOU to do more, step into more - and explore more. That's legit my life every.single.day. I'm so blessed, thankful and beyond thrilled to meet be doing what I do! The greatest part about my day to day - they are...

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My day now VS my day then

When I first started into the world of online business I actually HAD No idea what a day in the life would look like. It was a question IIN had asked frequently "what does your ideal day look and feel like", and when I started coaching clients it was a question I...

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