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Store fronts are dying…(don’t let yours disappear!)

    The town goes crazy, the Facebook groups panic and store front owners everywhere are wondering what the heck is happening. Last week a restaurant and local fave closed in Airdrie -- and everyone started talking about 'supporting local businesses'. And I...

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Are you ready to give up your day job?

The grass is NOT greener (on the biz side), unless it’s a beach…..I mean anything and everything is better on the beach (at least I believe so!) Should you QUIT your job to dive into entrepreneurship full time? Ladies! It’s the friggin’ middle of March already, spring...

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When things come full circle (or box in this case)

 The craziest thing happened, someone came BACK into my life. Isn't it crazy how people stay connected to you? I sure think so.Which is why I can't tell you enough folks -- customer service, customer experience and don't discount someone when they. say NO the first...

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Lazy & Working from home

Every day I commute to work...it's a full 5 metres haha.  Although this is kind-of what I wanted when I started my business - it's also less and less of what I want the more time that passes by the more I crave an office.I know many of you work from home, or are...

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Meet Golden, British Columbia

Do you remember summer vacations as a kid? Road trips without iPads or GPS devices in the car?  Windows down, fighting with your siblings, and the excitement of going somewhere even if you had been there a million times. Not a single care in the world except looking...

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