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Re-pin these designs! From the ReFerbish Group

My eyes and fingers always stop the scroll when I come across  the  work from Referbished Renovations. I am so passionate about beautiful, simple spaces - and although that is NOT one of my talents I am blessed to have so many incredible companies to work with!  I...

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I’ve got a nasty hangover..time to recover!

Here we are, days after our Hello Life Academy Intensive in Palm Springs at the Riviera Hotel & we have the dreaded, but expected - event hangover!   The high of being around incredible people, inspiring places and large amounts of sunshine are disappearing....the...

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Be inspired to reach your next 50k – Women to Watch

I'm always searching, and wondering the world wide web for amazing women to watch. I am over-the-moon-can't-get-enough of these four women. I have literally spent the last month watching their every move.   Inspiration comes in many ways, and sometimes that's...

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Wine

  Haters going to hate…hate hate hate. Let’s start by saying there is NO WAY that if you are doing things you love, are putting yourself out there and testing boundaries — you have never pissed someone off. I mean maybe they just haven’t told you, but generally...

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Store fronts are dying…(don’t let yours disappear!)

    The town goes crazy, the Facebook groups panic and store front owners everywhere are wondering what the heck is happening. Last week a restaurant and local fave closed in Airdrie -- and everyone started talking about 'supporting local businesses'. And I...

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How to sell out a live in person event!

  Launching and hosting a live event or party in any industry requires a marketing PLAN. I was so happy when Lindsey Richel Proulx Coyle from Airdrie Exchange reached out and asked us to give her some suggestions on how to sell out an upcoming event in my...

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How to successful collaborate with other entrepreneurs!

If you own a business collaborations will help you grow your audience fast.  Collaborations are something most entrepreneurs fear because of competition - but that's not true. It is similar to finding your girl tribe it is all about support, support, support.   ...

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7 Signs you’re a WAHM

All I can hear through my headphones and the sound of my typing is "Mom can I have another snack". I nod my head, point to the fridge and try to make the sign for eat the watermelon, not the chips. But --- the chip bag is opened and Rhett runs upstairs. The doorbell...

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