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Mo’ Kids Mo’ Money

Everyone has a reason to do something, I mean there's always a reason why you want to grow your business, travelling, new furniture, saving for retirement, retiring your partner, getting support for your kids...whatever it is it has to be YOURS. Every entrepreneur has...

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Nightmares, night-terrors & that I can’t do it feelings.

The middle of the night sweats, the yelling at the kids, the "I can't stop following people that I am actually not that happy" with --- FEAR, comparison, the inability to move forward....hits you and you just can't publish the blog, or go to the event, or even seem to...

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My day now VS my day then

When I first started into the world of online business I actually HAD No idea what a day in the life would look like. It was a question IIN had asked frequently "what does your ideal day look and feel like", and when I started coaching clients it was a question I...

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3 Reasons this will blow your socks off!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe it is the FINAL day of 2018! This year flew by but was so incredible that I am just so grateful for all the experience I had, all the people I met along the way and all the incredible members of the Hello Life Academy! What a year xo...

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Doesn’t everyone love a fun video?

Happy Saturday!! I hope you are all enjoying some FUN on this beautiful December day xo I just wanted to pop in here quickly to share with your something FUN we are up to. We released our first Megan and Brodie video on the Hello Life Academy page that we had so much...

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What to evaluate in your business every 12 weeks.

As creative entrepreneurs and business owners - we absolutely need to be somewhat 'organized'. I will openly admit - this is not my fave thing to do which is why I'm forever thankful that when my business started bringing in a little extra money - I hired an assistant...

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Struggling to show up for your business?

Ladies, we all know that feeling of creative overwhelm - you wake up, send kids off to school -- have a tiny burst of energy from that second cup of coffee, and then all of a sudden you open the computer or head to the craft room - and NOTHING comes up. Last night...

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