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Before, During and After B-school (A real review)

I've been in B-school since 2015, and I'm so THANKFUL I took out my nearly maxed out credit card and signed up.  My life BEFORE B-School  At the time I was on Maternity leave making $800 a month, and spending about $2000 a month to live, paying for diapers, trying not...

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My fave mentors ❤️

Nothing beats gratitude, reflection and thinking about how you got through some of the moments you NEVER thought you'd get through xo   When you discover a 'new adventure' --- you're going to feel all the feelings: excited, nervous, happy, sad...etc.. You may...

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My first $1000 from my FIRST online course

How did I make my first $1000, from online courses? I’ve got a secret to share - the first $1000 I made had nothing to do with fancy Instagram accounts or awesome Pinterest strategies, actually it had very little to do with online marketing. I wasn’t using EITHER them...

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Do you have ‘another business idea’….

I love those days...where you're sitting around other creative people, and you are having one of MOST inspiring conversation. They 'get it', they want you to take those thoughts and make them come to life!  You leave the conversation with the feeling of HOLY crap --...

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5 Ways to see product ‘launches’ a little differently

If you have sat down to try to analyze what others are doing online to make all the money and all the sales in their businesses, you may start to see the word  'launch' come up.  It's the marketing, the planning, the preparing that an entrepreneur does to sell! I am...

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Store fronts are dying…(don’t let yours disappear!)

    The town goes crazy, the Facebook groups panic and store front owners everywhere are wondering what the heck is happening. Last week a restaurant and local fave closed in Airdrie -- and everyone started talking about 'supporting local businesses'. And I...

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Re-pin these designs! From the ReFerbish Group

My eyes and fingers always stop the scroll when I come across  the  work from Referbished Renovations. I am so passionate about beautiful, simple spaces - and although that is NOT one of my talents I am blessed to have so many incredible companies to work with!  I...

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Wine

  Haters going to hate…hate hate hate. Let’s start by saying there is NO WAY that if you are doing things you love, are putting yourself out there and testing boundaries — you have never pissed someone off. I mean maybe they just haven’t told you, but generally...

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