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5 Ways to see product ‘launches’ a little differently

If you have sat down to try to analyze what others are doing online to make all the money and all the sales in their businesses, you may start to see the word  'launch' come up.  It's the marketing, the planning, the preparing that an entrepreneur does to sell! I am...

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Everyone is missing some puzzle pieces xo

The years are flying, the business is growing & I feel like sometimes I'm watching from the outside.   That the birthdays, the launches, the team successes, the team losses, the moments at the park with my kids, the school drop offs and pick ups, along with...

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From 100 to 50,000 views.

A few days ago in the online world  a PANIC  set in for a lot of online entrepreneurs - Facebook removed inactive members from groups. If you spent 2+ years growing that group, you may have looked at your numbers and panicked a little bit. BUT — if you spent 2+. Years...

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Women to watch in January xo

Umm...have you ever been around women who just INSPIRE YOU to do more, step into more - and explore more. That's legit my life every.single.day. I'm so blessed, thankful and beyond thrilled to meet be doing what I do! The greatest part about my day to day - they are...

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Mo’ Kids Mo’ Money

Everyone has a reason to do something, I mean there's always a reason why you want to grow your business, travelling, new furniture, saving for retirement, retiring your partner, getting support for your kids...whatever it is it has to be YOURS. Every entrepreneur has...

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Nightmares, night-terrors & that I can’t do it feelings.

The middle of the night sweats, the yelling at the kids, the "I can't stop following people that I am actually not that happy" with --- FEAR, comparison, the inability to move forward....hits you and you just can't publish the blog, or go to the event, or even seem to...

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Store fronts are dying…(don’t let yours disappear!)

    The town goes crazy, the Facebook groups panic and store front owners everywhere are wondering what the heck is happening. Last week a restaurant and local fave closed in Airdrie -- and everyone started talking about 'supporting local businesses'. And I...

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Re-pin these designs! From the ReFerbish Group

My eyes and fingers always stop the scroll when I come across  the  work from Referbished Renovations. I am so passionate about beautiful, simple spaces - and although that is NOT one of my talents I am blessed to have so many incredible companies to work with!  I...

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You Are Not Everyone’s Cup of Wine

  Haters going to hate…hate hate hate. Let’s start by saying there is NO WAY that if you are doing things you love, are putting yourself out there and testing boundaries — you have never pissed someone off. I mean maybe they just haven’t told you, but generally...

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