100 ways to bring ANY business or idea online !

Too much screen time & mom guilt!

11:30am, another -30 day - and there's a very small chance I'll make it outside with the kids. Another day, another iPad -- another time where Mom Guilt can slip in.  Actually with the beautiful Amazon Prime, Grocery Deliver, Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes there is little...

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A simple fix to bring you business (using Facebook)

You're networking your butt off, or you THINK you're networking your butt off. It's Day FOUR in our Hello Life Academy FREE mastermind, and we are getting a little 'technical' today, even if you're brand new and not in the mastermind this is a good one!  Truthfully...

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30 day FREE mastermind

YOU’RE here for a reason — you’ve a fire inside of you that’s just WAITING to come out…you KNOW you want to do more, see more, make more and experience the FREEDOM you craved when opening your business.  Perfffecccctt — we are SO ready for you to hang out with us for...

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Designing Spaces you love – Kim Purvis Aurora Decor

Kim helped me design my living space (in a tiny trailer!) last summer and I loved the fabrics, design and level of cozy we were able to achieve in the trailer. No more brown curtains or terrible blinds! Absolutely transforming spaces that feel more like a place you...

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Before, During and After B-school (A real review)

I've been in B-school since 2015, and I'm so THANKFUL I took out my nearly maxed out credit card and signed up.  My life BEFORE B-School  At the time I was on Maternity leave making $800 a month, and spending about $2000 a month to live, paying for diapers, trying not...

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Cultivating Real Connections Using Social Media

Have you have ever wondered what to say to complete strangers online aside from pressing the LIKE or LOVE button you're in the right spot. I'm going to show you the 5 ways to cultivate real connections & how to spend only 10 minutes a day changing your visibility...

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How to sell out a live in person event!

  Launching and hosting a live event or party in any industry requires a marketing PLAN. I was so happy when Lindsey Richel Proulx Coyle from Airdrie Exchange reached out and asked us to give her some suggestions on how to sell out an upcoming event in my...

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We’re Hiring!

LAUNCH OPERATIONS SPECIALIST/  CONTRACT POSITION JULY 2019 - DECEMBER 2019. HEY, we want some help for our next launch! You thrive in a creative environment and you're committed to using your technical skills for our Hello Life Academy 2020 launch This position will...

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