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YOU’RE here for a reason — you’ve a fire inside of you that’s just WAITING to come out…you KNOW you want to do more, see more, make more and experience the FREEDOM you craved when opening your business.  Perfffecccctt — we are SO ready for you to hang out with us for...

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Designing Spaces you love – Kim Purvis Aurora Decor

Kim helped me design my living space (in a tiny trailer!) last summer and I loved the fabrics, design and level of cozy we were able to achieve in the trailer. No more brown curtains or terrible blinds! Absolutely transforming spaces that feel more like a place you...

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Before, During and After B-school (A real review)

I've been in B-school since 2015, and I'm so THANKFUL I took out my nearly maxed out credit card and signed up.  My life BEFORE B-School  At the time I was on Maternity leave making $800 a month, and spending about $2000 a month to live, paying for diapers, trying not...

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My fave mentors ❤️

Nothing beats gratitude, reflection and thinking about how you got through some of the moments you NEVER thought you'd get through xo   When you discover a 'new adventure' --- you're going to feel all the feelings: excited, nervous, happy, sad...etc.. You may...

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My first $1000 from my FIRST online course

How did I make my first $1000, from online courses? I’ve got a secret to share - the first $1000 I made had nothing to do with fancy Instagram accounts or awesome Pinterest strategies, actually it had very little to do with online marketing. I wasn’t using EITHER them...

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We’re Hiring!

LAUNCH OPERATIONS SPECIALIST/  CONTRACT POSITION JULY 2019 - DECEMBER 2019. HEY, we want some help for our next launch! You thrive in a creative environment and you're committed to using your technical skills for our Hello Life Academy 2020 launch This position will...

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7 Signs you’re a WAHM

All I can hear through my headphones and the sound of my typing is "Mom can I have another snack". I nod my head, point to the fridge and try to make the sign for eat the watermelon, not the chips. But --- the chip bag is opened and Rhett runs upstairs. The doorbell...

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90 seconds a day on Instagram

An Instagram account can be the most useful marketing tool for new entrepreneurs - but only if you stop wasting time scrolling & spend 90 seconds a day following this plan!   I'm going to show you how to spend only 90 seconds a day to increase visibility and...

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