Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Like your closet is FULL of clothes but you don’t feel good in any of it?  You are not alone, so many women wake up – look in their closets and are reminded at how much money they’ve spent on clothes they DON’T love. Until they meet Melanie Klueger and her newest book: THe Confident Closet. 


 The days of feeling overwhelmed and unimpressed by your own closet are OVER. 


In this interview we talk about her newest book the Confident Closet & how women can use this to change their closets. Not only is she an incredible personal stylist with her book she can help ALL OF US with our style from anywhere! 


Melanie is a renowned personal stylist and best selling author. She’s a leading expert in her field and helps women with their closets and their style. She’s the creator and founder of the confident closet.



This woman is helping all of us get to the BOTTOM of why we have so many items in our closets that we just don’t like!


I downloaded the kindle version (click here to get your copy) and started to soak in all the goodness immediately. I have to say – a book with VISUALS is my kinda book. Melanie has prepared this book thinking about ME, a book that I can walk through step by step to set up my closet before the busy season of fall hits. I LOVED the worksheets, the accessory ideas & her willingness to have REAL conversations with women in her online community. She’s so great guys – I wish I could send her to all of your homes to take a peak in your closet, but instead — just get her book: it’ll feel awesome!


One of the first reactions as I read her book was “Why do I own all this stuff that literally makes me feel like crap, I’m not a size 4 anymore — and even when I will be I won’t like these wide leg jeans anymore”,and “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN, I should do this all the time!”.


As I went through the pages I realized how fun style could be if I just let it be less about the size on my jeans and more about what makes me walk into a room like Madonna (aka – loads of confidence). 


Melanie & I spent 30 minutes together and it was just NOT enough, so much so that after our video together we talked about meeting up in Palm Springs. Really – please just MEET people online, these friendships can transform into something so great!

She has this vibe that makes you feel like anything you wear looks great – as long as you FEEL great.  I want you to know how awesome the book is and what the weeks look like, she breaks it down so that it’s this TO DO list. I know so many of us love the act of working through a list and ACCOMPLISHING something, which is why this book is GENIUS.

 Having something to work towards week by week makes me do a little dance in my closet.   


Week 1
The Beauty Basics


Week 2
Personal Style, Fit, & Inspiration



Week 3
The Big Purge


Week 4
You Got This Girl


Week 5
Organize, Organize, Organize


Week 6
Shopping and Maintaining


Hello Life Academy - Megan Lockhart


Follow her super fun Instagram account, check out her book and BUY IT. Then let me know what chapter is your fave in the comments below!  Buy her book here: CLICK HERE xo 


Lots of Love –  Megan xo




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