Episode 1 season 2  of the Hello Life Academy Podcast: Facebook Ads & funnels with Jennifer Spivak 

If you have spent money on Facebook ads, or are wondering how the heck a FUNNEL even works  our guest Jennifer Spivak is incredible. Jennifer and her team have managed over $3 million dollars in advertising spend and generated over $10 million dollras of revenue for her clients.

She was featuerd in Forbes, is a domestic violence survivor and gives back 5% to Freeform. This woman speaks to my soul xo

I know so many of you are going to have the A-ha moments you need before spending any money on Facebook ads, secret – she may actually save you a LOT of money.  

Jennifer Spivak is the CEO & Founder of The Ad Girls, a proudly all-girl Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency. Named a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch in 2019 and called the ”Conversion Queen” by Forbes. She has over 11+ years in the digital space and has been directly responsible for generating over $25,000,000 in revenue for her hundreds of notable clients worldwide. SOOO of course I am so excited for you to listen to this podcast episode. 

Spending money on marketing DOES make a difference in your online business, and Jennifer gives us some of her best tips today. 

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What do we chat about in this podcast episode?

  • Facebook ads are NOT the solution to your “business problems”
  • Why Danielle Laporte called her the CIA of Facebook Ads 
  • Who does her agency work with? 

Make sure you leave a comment on our Instagram once you’ve listened and tell us what resonated with you!

Lots of love – Megan Lockhart xo

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