A few days ago in the online world  a PANIC  set in for a lot of online entrepreneurs – Facebook removed inactive members from groups.

If you spent 2+ years growing that group, you may have looked at your numbers and panicked a little bit.

BUT — if you spent 2+. Years growing that list, AND your Pinterest, and your e-mail list and your IG — you’ll be totally fine.

If you have followed me since the beginning (www.hellolifestudio.com) you know that I am an active user of lots of layers of marketing. From Facebook to in person events, I love them all and have invested a lot of time, money and energy into expanding my lists on multiple platforms.

In August – I decided to commit to Pinterest, to test it out and see if we as a team could get our tiny little monthly views of 100 up to 1000. I invested some money into a platform called Tailwind and committed to 10 minutes every morning for 30 days to learning it, doing it, and pinning it.

Look ladies – I 100% understand that this is ANOTHER thing that feels overwhelming, like one more thing, and will take time.

And it will — but then when it works, it really really works. You don’t see me talking a lot about random programs or softwares – but building a LIST — is VITAL to your business. And I mean it may be time to start thinking about expanding your business a little bit more.

Actually – one of the things that makes me dance around my living room is sharing my resources and building my list. I love teaching women how to build online businesses. From store fronts to fitness coaches — truly every one can be online just a little bit more. And having a list..is a pretty important part of being online – it’s your peeps 😉 xo 

When I commit to something – I also become slightly — well obsessed, call me crazy but when I began to dive into Tailwind I could not stop the excitement so much that I have suggested everyone I meet who is online creating content to use it!  Or at least made the suggestion to get it.

Why use ANOTHER layer of marketing? I’ve already got Facebook & Instagram! 

If you started to notice Facebook is….slowly making up new rules and you aren’t aware of them – like removing people from groups without telling you first. I love Facebook – I built my business ON it, and will always recommend that you have it, but ladies it’s time to get on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Blogging…etc. Not because you will make 6 figures, but because people are LOOKING FOR YOU in other areas. Instagram is incredible, but imagine if you could ‘collect clicks’ and show people your amazing ‘store’ (aka your WEBSITE) xo

I was able to grow my Pinterest audience from 100 monthly views to 20k monthly views in 30 days – which meant a lot more people were clicking on my website, viewing my content and SIGNING Up for my list. (YAY)

But WHY do I care about Pinterest Traffic or Tailwind (how does it help my business grow)? 

Because, the more traffic you bring to your website — the more likely you are to connect with your audience and SELL products.

I want you to think about how you can show people what you have to offer them, through your website. And on your website — have MULTIPLE ways to gather peoples information (aka e-mail addresses and Pixels (Facebook pixels…I’ll talk about those in the next blog)

Tailwind allows you the opportunity to schedule all of your great Website traffic to PINTEREST plus use Tribes (basically groups of people who will re-pin, enjoy your content and share it) and then you can reach 1000’s. Because lets be real — how many times have you searched for ‘fall trends’ or ‘healthy recipes’. It’s an amazing resource, and by spending 10 minutes a day planning my Pins with Tailwind I grew from 500 to 20,000 monthly viewers in 30 days – I’ll take it ❤️

Let us know if you’re a Tailwind user or Pinterest lover in the comments xo

And if you’re wondering if you’re not sure if you’re ready to dive into TAILWIND, do this little quiz here. 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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