This is your personal VIP invitation & pricing to our 2019 Hello Life Academy gala.

An event SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who are passionate (that’s you).  


I know you don't celebrate enough (#beentheredonethat) which is why I've created this event. Replacing boring meetings, brainstorm sessions with yourself, text messages instead of real conversations and of course awkward networking events. This is the event for you and 50 other ambitious, hardworking and passionate entrepreneurs who want to step out of their business for one night & experience luxury and true celebration. If you've been working hard at CREATING a business you love & need time to feel the celebration run through you - join us on November 2nd, 2019 at The Fairmont Banff Springs.

I’ll see you in Banff!


Who is this for?

WOMEN! Business owners and their friends who support them – but sometimes don’t know HOW to do that. This is your chance! If you own a business, or want to support a friend in business, join us at the Gala. 

What is the cost?

Early Bird VIP tickets are $129 for TWO!  


Who is this NOT for?

If you have no clue what an entrepreneur is, don’t feel like celebrating and absolutely hate having fun – you can stay home. 


An inspiring night, an awards ceremony, drinks and dancing. Our agenda is simple: come celebrate yourself as an entrepreneur and 100 other women. You’ll come in as strangers and leave with new business friends.

  Gowns & masks are encouraged. This years theme is a masquerade event. We can’t wait to see your creativity shine through your masks.

By having early bird access to this VIP invite  you get a special price for our event  TWO tickets at $129



This is your personal and private VIP invite to our 2019 Gala,


Grab your early bird ticket now , tickets go on sale to the public September 10th 2019. 

Experience our most luxurious & most anticipated event of the year.


On November 2nd join us at the luxurious Fairmont Banff Springs to celebrate all that YOU do.  I know what it’s like. I stay inside, I do a ton of video calls, set up meetings, organize my team — and I crave these events. 


I know you love having a great time, I know you want to meet new women and celebrate – but you also have a lot on your plate. Which is why I’ve created this evening gala.


 Come celebrate for ONE evening all things being YOU.

You work hard for your business – let your business celebrate you on November 2nd. 



Incredible event


We have only 25 VIP Early Bird Tickets

Grab your business friend and come celebrate. Its YOUR turn to shine!

Gala Packages


TWO tickets for $129 until September 8th ONLY

$129.99 *for two tickets expires September 8th 8pm

You've got questions - we've got answers, check this out FAQ's page

We Love celebrating women,                               & we can’t wait to toast with you,                    dance with you & meet you                                 in person.                                               

Our Clients & Guests LOVE our events, and you HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST INVITE

to THIS YEARS gala. 

I’ll see you in Banff on November 2nd 2019.

I had an amazing evening with some amazing & inspiring women tonight. Thanks Megan Lockhart! #hellolifecircle #hellolifeacademy
L. Ross

I’m soaking up the last hours of gorgeous Palm Springs sun pool side! These last 4 days have been life changing…I’ve laughed…a lot…I’ve cried, I’ve planned, I’ve grown so much! But what I’m most grateful for is new found friendship with 10 amazing women who are like my peas in a pod!
S. Van Baaren

Such a beautiful event last night with Hello Life Academy – Pretty in Pink. Megan Lockhart is an inspiration – even with her bad jokes and the connections made with other like minded women is so heartwarming.
L. Hopkin

Get your VIP early bird ticket now (bring your team, bring your friends & come experience the luxury of the Fairmont Banff Springs) 


Bring your team, or friend Two Tickets

$129.99 (for two!) 

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