I would be living under a pretty big rock if I hadn’t heard of the newest Rachel Hollis book. I mean that woman is everywhere. –  and she deserves to be.  She’s helping women step into their voices and really just BE. But I’ve got to start this post my telling you a really honest thing: her book is good…but the books listed below TRANSFORMED ME.

I’m in LOVE with Rachel Hollis marketing, I love watching her Facebook group, studying how she connects with her audience – and I am heading to watch her & Tony Robbins in August in Calgary, Alberta!

I admire that she shows up like a hot mess express sometimes and put together at other times. I bought 4 copies just to have around the house and to do a few giveaways with –  the book is perfect for women who have and are lost in their journey (both business and personal) xo 

My thoughts right now on personal development are WAY different than when I first ventured into the world of business –  I was all over them like a hot cup of coffee. But NOW…I tend to actually avoid them. They distract me from getting things done – I start thinking ‘I should do more’.  Saying that there’s a few books that hang around me all the time (and I follow the you are the 5 people you surround yourself with – in this case 5 books) So I wanted to share how these books have transformed me and how you can use the venture of less PD and more action….

 If you’ve been hanging around for awhile some of my  favourite books haven’t changed much, and over the four plus years of being in business, I frequently send these books to clients, buy them as gifts and honestly open up the pages every day.

I have a copy of A return to Love in my car, on my bedside table and as a kindle version. 

 Girl, Stop Apologizing sits in my car, and on my bath for quick reading (get your copy here it’s on sale!). 



So what books completely transformed my business & life over the journey to becoming an online entrepreneur?

  1. A Return to Love by the beautiful Marianne Williamson. Someone who is on my ‘bucket list’ to meet in person for 2020.  YEAR ONE of business, this got me through a lot of things from not feeling good enough to past wounds that would creep up at live events! This was the first  book I opened up that was really ‘personal development’ related, it came at a time when my marriage was not doing very well and I was suffering from postpartum depression and didn’t even realize it. It also continues to remind me that we are all worthy of love and should give love even MORE when we feel disconnected. This book shows you how to LOVE unconditionally through every experience (past and present). It’s a MUST and I read pages of it to my kids every single night that feel relevant to the day.  Because I don’t actively go to a church I consider this my go to for prayer, meditation and believing in a bigger purpose. Get the book now click here  and keep it forever, you’ll email me later with a big ol’ thank you.

  1. You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero. YEAR TWO of business I discovered this book and could not stop using her quotes on social media. It’s a book full of QUOTABLE thangs’. People, ladies, men…every single human being who has money or even if you’re broke — this book is for you. If I could send a copy of this book to EVERYONE reading this blog I would. I mean maybe I should manifest having enough money to do that (right?). But Jen Sincero quotes were EVERYWHERE in 2017, 2018…and now in 2019, Rachel Hollis has kinda sorta taken over but these Bad-Ass books are always going to be around. She helps guide you from “I’m not sure I can make money” to “of course I can make money why couldn’t I!”  Of course there’s a lot more to it, one of my favourite things she says in the book “There will never be a lack of conflicting opinions and information when it comes to any decision you make in life, and this is especially true when it comes to something as controversial as money.”  If this book is not in your life…this is probably a good day to make that purchase. I would almost guarantee something good will happen with your money after the purchase. This is a book you WANT to have so you can pick it up often, and whenever you have doubts about money or business (which lets face it happens a lot!).               I love library books – but this is a “I’ve gotta own it” kinda book. (And this planner/ calendar too!) I always thought I had a DECENT money mindset, but I was terribly wrong. I had patterns of thinking of doing that aren’t negative and I won’t judge — but every time I read this book I open up and remind myself that money is great! 

  1. And most recently another one of my current fave reads going into YEAR 4+ of business. I’m kinda tired of the ‘hustle’, I’ve built a sustainable and wonderful income..my money blocks are gone, I’ve got a pretty clear vision of my strengths but..I wanna chill more.    I have been ‘secretly’ watching all the things this woman does, Denise Duffied Thomas, when I used to run a lot (circa 2014) I would listen to this podcast called ‘Lucky Bitch’  and I literally had NO idea who she was, but I kept listening. Not going to lie – the world bitch made me feel uncomfortable but mother of pearl did I ever learn a LOT from her. I remember listening to an episode before really doing photoshoots and videos, and she advised to  ‘batch’ your photoshoots and make up days…so I did, and we still do! Her newest book (Chillpreneur) has me like WOAH, at first I ordered the kindle version but I also ordered the hardcopy – you know a woman has to have a great looking bedside shelf of books. And sitting in the bath reading a hardcopy book is one of my fave things to do. Add this to your mothers day list ladies, especially if you’ve been in business for more than a year. Or maybe your birthday list, and your Christmas list, and maybe buy it for some of your friends with a nice bottle of wine: Get your copy here   Chillpreneur: The New Rules for Creating Success, Freedom &. Abundance on your terms

One of my fave things to do is to gift books to people, I mean the act of actually opening up a page, putting he computer down and being inspired by words is pretty powerful. So pack your cart – add a few for you, a few for your friends and make sure to experience new perspectives with the books above. 

Leave a thought below in the comments, who is excited about reading!? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


-Megan xo

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