Having a business is one of the greatest things for women – new moms, old moms, non-moms etc. You can step into your power, find your voice, build confidence and of course make money. Our team has been through a lot of changes (A LOT) but one thing that has been consistent – we cheer one another on, we allow the truth to be spoken and we welcome people with open arms. Last December Chris (our website dude) introduced me to his wife- or maybe she had been reading my e-mails for quite some time 😉 When I saw all the amazing skills Kim had – I wanted her on the team ASAP – so that is exactly what we did: on boarded Kim, welcomed her and appreciated her from day one. Kim is an incredible VA, and I can’t imagine not having her around ❤️ Check out her tips for finding a VA that works for YOUR business 👇🏻 Enjoy 👇🏻

Hey everyone!!

My name is Kim Drake and I am the CEO/Co-Owner of DrakeCo, an online business solutions company specializing in web design and virtual assisting! Today, I am SO excited to be guest blogging here at Hello Life Academy.

I am going to talk a bit about virtual assisting today and how to pick the VA that best suits your business.

If you’ve ever looked for a VA in the past you know that there are a TON of us out there and it can often feel a little overwhelming when trying to find the best fit.

Here are a few things to consider before looking for the perfect VA:

1)  Sit down and really look at what tasks you have to complete over the course of a month. Decide which tasks you LOVE and our passionate about and which ones make you cringe when you think about doing them. Also, keep in mind which tasks you may like but just really don’t have time for anymore. You want to outsource any tasks that take you away from doing what you love. You started your business because you have passion and whether you are selling products or services, your passion lies within those and maybe not within things like scheduling social media posts. That’s OKAY…be honest with yourself about what you would like to take off your plate and feel good about releasing them.

2)  Once you know which tasks you no longer want to have on your to-do list, it’s time to decide based on those tasks what skill set your VA is going to need. Are most of the tasks creating content? Or administration tasks? Or technical projects? A lot of VA’s have specific skills that they offer so knowing exactly what you are looking for will really help you narrow down your search. Another thing to think about is what kind of hours are you hoping your VA is available for. Some VA’s work full time, some part time and some as needed. Make sure you are clear about your expectations around time and turn-arounds for projects so that you can ask those questions when hiring.

3)  Take a look at what your VA is putting out into the online world before hiring. If she/he has a website, look at it – is it professional? Does their work impress you? Take a look at their social media too (especially if you are looking for help in this area), are they consistent? Do they put out sloppy posts or do they take care in the work they do? (Everyone makes mistakes in spelling and grammar sometimes but if it’s consistently like that – it may be a deal breaker for you, again depending on what you are looking for).

4)  Ask for references! You are hiring just like a large cooperation would be and I bet you’ve never gotten a job without them asking for some kind of reference. The people your VA works with will say a lot about if they will be a great fit for your team or not. Ask the references things like:

  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they work well on your team?
  • Would you recommend them?
  • Make sure to ask about those specific tasks your looking for too (ie. Does your VA help you with social media?)

5)  In the end – look for that connection! Do you feel comfortable speaking with them? Do they seem friendly and honest? Do you feel like you will be able to trust them? Letting someone into your business can be a big step and it does take a lot of trust so make sure you feel that initial connection with them…trust your gut!

As with hiring anyone – there are always many things to consider but the more clear you are on what your needs and expectations are the easier it will be for you to hire and for your VA to do the best job they can for you!

I hope this helps you narrow down which VA would be best for your business and that if/when you start looking for one you are able to find someone who cares deeply for your business and wants nothing but success for you!

Thank you Megan for inviting me to be here today, it is such an honour!

– Kim Drake

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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