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Episode 3: Megan Gets Organized With The Space Reclaimers

I personally ‘struggle with organization’. It’s true – I am the opposite of what you would say ‘organized’. I like to go with the flow, I like to put towels in different places, and my closet – oh that closet: is a beautiful mess. SO when Louise reached out practically begging to re-do my closet (lol) I was EXCITED!

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Episode 1: Collaboration

Tv…say what? Really who uses the TV anymore? We do, and we’re super excited about it ❤
This is why I’m wildly obsessed and excited to open up my own version of ‘tv’. Or I guess we could call it a VLOG. Say what you will: it’s happening; it’s fun, and it’s the place to be…..because we are open, honest and I believe kinda sorta funny.

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Episode 2: Audience Building

As an entrepreneur, your going to be presented with all of these tips, tricks and tools to GROW…you’ll see them in Ads, Instagram, when you’re out talking to people. SO BEFORE You watch this — I want to start with; trust your gut. The most important piece of growing YOUR business is to make it yours. The answers always come from within, you’ll close your eyes, listen to your heart and hear the steps you are meant to take. I encourage strategies….and you can give them a try…and do the same thing: close your eyes and ask if they feel good.

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You want to start an online business, you have passion and are ready to build the business you know is possible. These 10 steps will guide you on how to get started.

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