When I started to look into hiring help for my social media and marketing – I dove into all the apps myself?  I needed to find out what would make my life easier and have our brand stand out.  

If you are a creative entrepreneur like me and someone who honestly doesn’t want to spend any money right now outsourcing their content listen to this weeks episode about the two apps you absolutely need this year to make your brand stand out on Instagram.

This is part one, I’ll be back to show you the second App InShot next week.

Two apps to use for instagram


Meet the first app that will help you get organized and give you the freedom from Instagram you crave: Tailwind


  1.  You can pre-schedule your Instagram content to auto-post AND with hashtags in the comments. If you are getting really fancy pants you can also use it for Pinterest.

  2. It gives you specific hashtag suggestions (stop trying to come up with them on your own)
  3. It forces you to be organized ahead of time. When you invest in Tailwind for your INstagram account you will want to sit down and map out what you want to market and sell.
  4. You can eventually re-purpose the content that WORKED and turf the rest. Tailwind shows you what content was great so you don’t have to guess. You can easily ‘schedule it’ again because you know your audience loved it last year – they will probably re-love it again!

Tailwind Hello Life Academy


5. It gives a visual of what your feed will look like – releasing the pressure of posting on the fly and messing up your pretty feed.

Tailwind for Instagram - Hello Life Academy podcast

6. It can auto-post ONE piece of content to THREE platforms, this saves hours of time – Facebook, Instagram newsfeed and your Pinterest boards. 

Tailwind for Instagram - Hello Life Academy Podcast

Get the 7 day FREE trial for Tailwind today. 

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