Here we are, days after our Hello Life Academy Intensive in Palm Springs at the Riviera Hotel & we have the dreaded, but expected – event hangover!  
The high of being around incredible people, inspiring places and large amounts of sunshine are disappearing….the hustle of mommy hood is kicked in full force and my fingers are typing but my brain — is a little slower this morning.
Our trip officially ended at 1am in the morning last night and here we are up at 6am packing lunches, trying to figure out if I should let everyone sleep in or dive right back into the routine of school, activities: back into the day by day routine.
Rhett woke up and told me I should never leave again, and the other begging to stay home so we could hang out.
Move over mommyguilt  I was only gone for 5 days AND work from home the rest of the year. Side thought – we reduced events to twice a year now – and I actually find my kids get more mad then when I was travelling monthly. 
Event hangovers hit kinda fast and furious – the challenge of ‘what’s next’ vs ‘can’t I Just relax’.    You really can’t help but feel like you’re behind even if you are and were organized before the trip. 
I’m not suffering from a literal hangover this morning – but that drained feeling you get after pouring your everything into an amazing event.  MY heart is so grateful for every moment I got to share with the amazing clients and friends!  And now – all we want to do is have a little quiet time and recharge.
It took about 2. years to recognize how to recover from these events….not because they feel HARD, but because my body was always feeling very excited after, but also tired. And being tired was a new feeling for me, I am always moving.
Now I know that my body is  TALKING to me telling  me to get some  soul food – don’t force the work!  After a huge event we as a team now know how to treat ourselves. PJs, Popcorn, and Netflix  – what could be better?!
So although there are a few sayings that entrepreneurs don’t have time for movies or TV, I tend to lean the other way and recognize that my body and mind don’t want to do a lot of thinking, reflecting, it wants to recover with Netflix! 
Here is a look at what we are loving right now, what are YOU watching?!

Hello Life Academy Photo Credit: Brodie Pierson

1 – Santa Clarita Diet – Drew Berry Moore – you are too cute!  Tyler loves it because they are realtors!  It’s hilarious and fun and a little (or a lot) gory – but it’s a favourite for sure. Because it’s so far fetched, we can watch it while scrolling our Instagram accounts and thinking about a lot of nothing’ 😉
2 – Good Girls!  OMG if you haven’t seen this series you need to stop what you are doing and watch it!  That’s what happens when you push some bad ass women to the edge!  … Is it strange that I instantly googled who Rio was and where I could get more of him?  #Askingforafriend
3 – The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – UHH, this one blows my mind but I find my eyes glued to the screen and I can’t stop. The sad and terrifying story of a child that is missing.  It gives me nightmares and yet I have to watch it!  Hold on tight to your babies everyone, and just kiss them so much after your events or being away xo
4 – Russian Doll – MY WORD, this leaves you thinking for dayyyyyys after finishing it. TO be honest the first episode I was like WHAT the heck is this…then I couldn’t stop. Binge worthy for hours and hours on the flight back home or when you’re laying in bed. What a clever and crazy story – non stop awkward situations, cooky characters & a reflection about how we are in CONTROL….own the fact that our lives are all connected in some bigger way xo Ps. Letting go is a big undertone in this one and f you’re an entrepreneur — a powerful one
So after events, ladies…gents, entrepreneurs, moms of humans, moms of pets: listen to your bodies. Don’t fight the feelings, start to close your eyes and think of what your BODY is asking for – you’ll know. Find what works for YOU. Binge TV, snacks, long walks, yoga….do YOU.  Work hard play hard, and rest as long as you want xo

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