Travelling within Canada has become a bigger priority for me in the last year. We travelled to the Kelowna, British Columbia area with two dogs and two kids!  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Ladies if you’re anything like me you look ahead at the calendar and KNOW what’s on your vision board. Wineries, beaches, pools, time with your kids, time apart – so save some of these places because you won’t be disappointed.

Summer Vacation - Kelowna

I’ve gone 30+ odd years living in Canada and hearing about how incredible the vineyards, weather and views are in Kelowna, British Columbia and now that we have our place in Golden BC I want to take more advantage of it! Canada is BEAUTIFUL!

 Early this month we spent 5 days in the Kelowna area with 2 dogs and 2 kids.  I thought it would be AMAZING to share with you ladies how you can likely plan a similar trip including wineries and beaches. Sometimes you just want to pack your bags and GO, am I right!?

Being able to travel with Frank and Enzo was awesome and I’m so happy they got to splash around the beaches and hang with us. Grab your Malbec and save some of these fave spots for your next Kelowna and area trip!


Day One:

We are so fortunate to have our place in Golden, BC that making the trip out to Kelowna only took 3.5 hours of driving instead of 7 from Calgary! I’m not sure if I could handle a road trip that long anymore (old lady!) with two kids and two dogs. We left Golden at 2pm and arrived in West Kelowna at 6pm to our Airbnb.

Guys – Airbnb is life- changing and easy, I recently started my own and have LOVED IT. You can read about some of my experience here. 

Dinner that night was AMAZING we soaked up the full moon view (lucky us!) at the Two Eagles Golf Course.  The charcuterie is basically still on my mind every time I eat.

Kelowna British Columbia - Quails Gate with kids

Day Two:

Wine Time! Kelowna is known for it’s vineyards & honestly I haven’t had the chance to properly explore because the last time I visited it was flooded (uh!)

Mission Hill was our first stop – it’s so big, absolutely breathtaking and I specifically remember it from season 13 of the Bachelor – Jillian Harris took Jason (#superfan!) lol So of course I had to go lol.  The kids love it, and right now they had the most beautiful display of their pink bubbly that it’s a ladies dream. Our kids ran around, but we did leave the dogs at the Airbnb for this one.   

Quails Qate  – do it. Don’t even think about skipping it. I drank their Pinot Noir in 2016 at a wine tasting that a client hosted at Hayloft in Airdrie and cannot get the flavours out of the mouth. I’m so thankful

Volcanic Hills – skip it. 

Off the Grid – The Riesling is amazing and the kids LOVED the sheeps. It’s amazing to see a smaller vineyard doing incredible things in an organic way. Visit it the wine is tasty, the views amazing & the farmers market nearby is tasty! You can SEE full sized sunflowers and the peach trees – a place after my own heart. I don’t even eat peaches but I may start if we go back every year haha. 

Kelowna - Off the Grid Organic Winery

Day Three: 

Lavender Farm – Click this and you’ll see exactly why this is a must see in Kelowna! amazing one of the best spots, so pretty and made me appreciate essential oils in an entirely different way.

Tantalus Vineyard – The building is DECIEVING, which makes it the best piece of art in my opinion. It’s a white building – beautiful architecture but you can’t see anything. As soon as you walk in — the view takes your breathe away and you want to stay there for hours. The wine is tasty and I opted to purchase another Riesling. Kids came along….dogs stayed in the car. There is not much for the kids to see or do here, so personally I would recommend hitting this one up with a friend or partner and leave the kids at home.

Bee Farm  – Right near Tantalus is Arlo’s bee farm – make sure you visit it we were able to sample ALL the honey. Sometimes more than once lol. Kids loved it here and the dogs were able to walk for a little bit.

Summerhill – I don’t see the draw, but I understand.

After some amazing wineries we headed to Hot Sands Beach which was also — AMAZING & free. The playground there has a ZIPline that the kids LOVED playing on, I will admit I totally fell asleep for a little on the beach. 


Kelowna vacation - Megan Lockhart Hello Life Academy


Day Four:

We drove  to Peachland and realized it’s not that far from Kelowna, and got to the beach around 11am, there was NO one on the WiBit Water Park  so spent the money to let Kinsley and Rhett jump around like circus animals. This was the most expensive activity during our trip – and for 2.5 hours I would say it was worth it.


We made our way down to Summerland – which took about 20 minutes (everything was so much closer than it looked on the map!) Summerland Waterfront hotel – STAY here if you can.

The minute we walked in I was so excited to stay by the pool and relax, and work on my tan while the kids splashed around in the pool. I ended up reading my Brand New Name book from Jeremy Miller which worked out PERFECT! 

The resort has kayaks to rent (rented one!), a restaurant, and….a KIDS CLUB! Guys — the kids club is VACATION changing – I mean 2 hours without my kids…I’ll take it after spending 24/7 with them.

The hotel was a splurge (at least considering the Airbnb was SO CHEAP) but I didn’t feel bad at all because I wanted to relax the last few days and needed the time to sit still. 


Day Five:

The kids got to enjoy jet skiing (the resort rents them out) & I got to do laundry. Which sounds kinda-lame BUT the laundry service at the hotel is free, and it beats bringing dirty clothing home.

Before heading back to Golden we spent time at the Crush Pad Winery. I mean — there are NO WORDS, just click here and look at the place. You’re going to want to go.

I love you ladies and hope this helps plan your next trip to the Kelowna area! Check out our videos on Instagram right here. And always reach out with questions. 

– Megan xo



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