Ladies!! Talk to me mom to mom…do you get so excited when your kids play with the things  known as ‘toys”?

Like don’t get me wrong tablets have really helped me out  over the last few years  (Read more about screen guilt here), but when I watch Kinsley playing wth her dolls I get so excited.  I secretly peak into her room to watch her, listening to what she’s saying and what cute outfit she’s choosing for Julie today. It’s pretty darn cute, which is why I can’t get enough of From the Pear Tree’s newest service  Subscription boxes for DOLL clothes! Yes… totally read that right! And for a little bit of time  you get to save some dollar bills just by being a reader, click here. Hello Birthday gift ideas, on it…and on it again! 

 Kinsley & Rhett  discovered dolls last year on a trip to Phoenix with my parents, then I started to find little pieces of doll clothing in my laundry all the time lol. Which leads me to think I should totally make a tiny washer and dryer for her to use.

I noticed a powerful thing happened when we started to play with them together, the kids started to communicate with me a little more. They would talk about how the day was at school, and how so and so made her feel really special, it was cool to watch how they treated one another through the dolls.

 Because of Katherine’s amazing business Kinsley wants to start sewing, and she spends. a lot of time creating new outfits for her dolls with some of my old Pj’s. 

Inspiration comes when you least expect it, especially for kids.  We can learn SO MUCH through our kids, patience, trusting process, following JOY when it sparks. I am IN LOVE with all of these things.

Personally – sewing is not a skill I have, and I’m pretty sure I failed that home-ec class in high school. So I’m always blown away when someone can SEW entire things…like all the things. Especially cute doll clothes  (why are small things so adorable!).

Let’s spend some time soaking in all the talent from Katherine Gillan the owner and genius behind From the Pear Tree. 

I opened my business, From the Pear Tree, in February 2011. It was somewhat of an impulse decision that turned into a tremendous adventure. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this, and I purposely chose a non-descript business name, just in case I decided to change directions.  I remember a friend of mine saying to me, when we were brainstorming names, don’t call yourself “Sewing by Katherine” or something silly like that because then you are stuck with it.

My favourite thing about business is being able to be creative. Creativity comes in many forms.  It’s not just about sewing, or creating products or putting colours and fabrics together. Creativity is solving a problem in a new way.  Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking up the routine of my everyday life.

I get to step outside my role of Mom, or Full-Time employee, or Manager or whatever, and sit down and make something new and useful or valuable.  

What’s a perfect day for you Katherine?  

A PERFECT day in the life…. I don’t believe that exists.

 Contrary to what my friends and family might say about me, I am NOT a perfectionist.  I have become quite the realist, and with that comes a certain level of acceptance of how things are. With my son being diagnosed with autism back in 2013, I believe, created this shift for me.  Accept the things you cannot change and all that. So Perfect to me, would mean my current state is not good enough. And it is. What I do believe and live every day, is a desire and action to achieve excellence. This gives me the opportunity to take risks, be spontaneous, change direction and it also allows me to be wrong, without judgement. I mean, sure, it would be cool to sew all day, not worry about money, and relax on a beach somewhere… maybe one day.

As people get to know me, they quickly find out I don’t have a daughter.  I have one son. The next thing that happens when they realize this, is I usually get quite the confused look.  Now without going into all the wonderful and amazing reasons why boys can and should play with dolls, and how they almost always have that one treasured companion, be it a teddy, or a doll, let’s talk a little about PLAY. Imaginative play. Imaginative play is essentially when children role-play and act out various experiences they may have had or something that is of some interest to them. They are experimenting with decision making on how to behave and are also practicing their social skills. From the Pear Tree products facilitate imaginative play.  There is no better way to help your kids learn than to get down with them on the floor and play with them.

          Doll play is probably one to the most basic ways kids role-play and begin learning. Doll play teaches compassion, and selflessness. The act of dressing and undressing the doll and moving the doll around dramatically improves and develops fine motor skills. I think back now, and did not realize it at the time, I was doing all of this, and working with my son on all these skills and became very passionate about it, only to discover a couple years later, he has autism.  And all these skills as either slow to develop and/or a lifetime challenge. My business, was not just a business, it was our therapy

Top business tips from Katherine:

First, find something you are passionate about, that you can ultimately help solve something for someone. This does not mean, turn your hobby into your job. Sewing wasn’t my hobby.  I started sewing because boy doll clothes were boring back in 2010 and I wanted to fix it. So, I started messing around making things and well here I am.

Second, don’t do what I did and jump in with both feet without a plan or a vision.  And especially don’t try to be all things to all people. It took me the better part of a year to get in a groove and really hone in on my primary products and my niche. This can evolve over time, as my business has, however, in the beginning, be laser focused, and don’t get discouraged or side-tracked. Nothing happens quickly. Give it time and respect the process.

I can’t wait to see Kins excitement when the box comes every season, wth pretty packaging getting something in the mail just for her, something that was hand created by an incredible woman.

Grab your first box here xo 

 -Megan xo




My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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