Everyone has a reason to do something, I mean there’s always a reason why you want to grow your business, travelling, new furniture, saving for retirement, retiring your partner, getting support for your kids…whatever it is it has to be YOURS.

Every entrepreneur has that ‘thing’ that keeps remind them to push forward when things get tough, the reason that makes them STOP and tell those negative thoughts to take a hike xo

My reason like many out there I’m sure are a 7 & 4 year old…who are the cutest little people in the world (bias…). 

My kids have been there every step watching as I work my buns off, texting while I put them to sleep, missing dinners, missing nap times, breastfeeding on the go in meetings….it was a pretty neat experience.

to grow my business and you know what — it has been such a postive experience for them.

They are learning what it takes to be independent, to go after your dreams, to follow your heart and to work hard for what you believe in xo

Because I allowed myself to grow and expand HLA to what I truly desired I have more freedom now. I can take more vacations, I can take time off to be with my kids and be 100% focused on them.

Working the 16+ hour days, doing my own content, engagement, working my butt off to build relationships: worked. And I still love it….I just also know it doesn’t have to be 16 hour days, I can slow down — because it’s always a choice.

What choice are you making this month?

Let’s celebrate all the amazing things we do as women, and human beings. Tell us in the comments – what’s your why?

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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