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Want to start relying on YOURSELF to create amazing content, get organized and understand modern marketing?

Meet our LIVE (but virtual) monthly workshops! 

From growing an audience on Instagram to curating a beautiful newsfeed –  this April I am teaching TWO LIVE trainings that are all about the ‘gram. 

 The MMS (Modern Marketing Social) is an amazing space for entrepreneurs from all around the world who want to understand marketing without hours and hours of work.

We offer monthly trainings for one single price, and you don’t have to commit every month – sign up month by month if the topics interest you. 

               April’s focus: Instagram 


Start understanding modern marketing & attract new leads .




Right now as a business owner there’s power in knowing how to do things


on your own. 


you know that growing your online visibility is more important than ever and


I can’t wait to show you how to do that so 


you can serve more people and make more money. 



change the way you  understand  marketing

this month I’m teaching all about the ‘gram (Instagram)

Training number ONE April 1st, 2nd and 3rd:

Get to know your Instagram NEWSFEED

April 1st: Starting on Instagram account and how to find your first and NEXT 100  followers.  I will teach you how to see your IG newsfeed as a ‘store’. 

April 2nd: The secret ingredient to creating a post (aka the words underneath your image) that get people commenting

April 3rd: Live tutorial how to create pretty pictures using a free software (Canva) and how to plan your content so that you aren’t selling ALL the time, but rather creating a community of superfans (aka potential buyers) 


If you can’t attend live the Replays will be posted for you to download. 

Training number TWO April 21st, 22nd & 23rd: 


Introduction to Instagram STORIES


April 21st: Start understanding your Instagram ‘stories’. I’ll walk you through what they are and how to create them.  I’ll teach you the pschylogy behind having people CLICK on items in your stories so you can create a larger audience who wants to buy your products. 


April 22nd: How do you see who is WATCHING your stories – I’ll show you WHERE and what to do with the people that are ‘watching you’ 


April 3rd: How often should you post on your stories? And when do you SELL? When do you engage? I’ll teach you our 4-1-1 rule that works every time to convert viewers to buyers xo


If you can’t attend live the Replays will be posted for you to download. 


Get two trainings for one price.  


If I can’t attend the trainings live will there be a replay?

Yes the replays will be posted in our community within 12 hours along with a copy of the presentation. You won’t miss anything and can save the videos to watch for years to come. 

Why is this different than other trainings?

These trainings are LIVE, connected and very interactive. You are not just giving a video to watch it later…I teach you live during the calls. You also get access to ask questions, and leave comments. 

What’s the refund policy ?

There are no refunds.  This is a digital product, amazing live training – and i know you’ll gain lots of value. 

HLA Kind Words

When I joined the Academy, I had one client. Within a month of working with Megan and her Team, I had 8!! I can’t say enough great things about Megan, she is so knowledgeable, and eager to help you grow your business, but she is also very supportive and truly cares about her clients. Her team is excellent and always willing to lend a helping hand. Seriously, if you are wondering where to start when it comes to growing your business, I HIGHLY suggest Megan and Hello Life Academy!

Virtual Assistant

Megan… you girls… I can’t believe how much I’m growing. I’m blown away and I coudn’t have done it without all the support of each of you. Thank you so much

Fitness Expert 

I had to share this with you all – I’m in the middle of a free challenge and it’s my best one I’ve ever done!! I have over 50 people in the challenge FB group and 65 new email subscribers!! And with the help of Megan and her team I’ve built an email funnel that I can use for future challenges!!

Health Coach 

From the first conversation I had with Megan, I knew she was the right coach for me.
She asked me questions that challenged my self-limiting beliefs and got me thinking bigger than I eve imagined.
She is genuine and real and has connected with me on such a level that has helped me pushed past any preconceived ceilings I have held onto in the past.
She has taught me to think bigger and ask “why not me!”


Join now the Instagram training begins April 1st 2020

Change your marketing, consistency and start seeing results xo

When you join MMS you will get LIVE access to our April 1-3 and April 22-24 classes and catch the replays ANYTIME. 


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