When I first started into the world of online business I actually HAD No idea what a day in the life would look like. It was a question IIN had asked frequently “what does your ideal day look and feel like”, and when I started coaching clients it was a question I would repeatedly ask too. 

And it varied, some people slept in, others got up early to work out. 

Some people wanted to make 5k a day, others an extra $50 a day. 

It was amazing to hear what people had visions of – everyones dreams were different and I loved it, I still do. 

Rather than focus on what goals I may shoot and miss for in 2019, I’m really focusing energy on what my days, weeks and months want to feel like.  Maybe it’s kicking it a little old school, but going back to where I started feels good – sometimes we forget about the foundation, the good old’ basement we need to go down into to discover what we want. Right? 

And for inspiration I want to hear from you – When you stop and think about your perfect day, what does it look like? Be specific with what it includes. 

For me my days look VERY different now then they did when I started my business a few years ago.

I was working long, long, LONG days all the time…I didn’t feel like I had the freedom I really desired and I always felt like I was being pulled in so many directions (work, mom, wife, friend, etc etc). But the best part about it was – I knew eventually all that work would pay off, and it did 3-4 years later.

I did it ladies/ guys/ people who are sipping wine and reading this – I finally did it. But that’s because I had a NEED to make it work (I had to feed my kids, pay my bills) and I had the DESIRE to succeed (I wanted it so bad for myself, for my kids and to feel the success). 

The best days are the ones where I have money coming in but I am able to play. That didn’t happen in year 1, or year 2 – I taught classes all day long and then worked all night long.

I don’t have to be tied to my computer all the time because I have systems in place…I have a plan. But who cares about my plans? Because I like you, was sitting down thinking about this ‘dream’, watching others do all the things, checking out those amazing blog posts and images and thinking that cannot be real. It’s gotta be fake!

It is real.

It was all my mindset (uh oh I said it!) But it’s 100% completely true – my mind was not ready for the freedom, I needed to experience what it felt like to work hard and GET the results.

That is the BIGGEST piece that I have reflected on over the last while. The reason I am able to have the days I truly desired is because I am no longer going in circles in my business, it’s because I believe in myself. 

Before I was always running from thing to thing, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I was never doing or being enough for my clients, my family, myself.

NOW — I know when I’m serving my clients and they get my full attention, I know when I am playing with my kids and I know when I am taking time to care for myself so I can be at the top of my game for all the other areas xo

Having strategy, receiving support and truly having a plan that takes me away from those never ending “where am I going” circles has truly changed my business, my life and especially my days xo.

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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