Have you struggled with picking a name for your business, products or services?  The tossing and turning in bed wondering what name will be just right? Naming your new business or idea is one of the hardest things about starting as an entrepreneur. 

Your product names, business names – have to stand out.  It is the first thing that your future clients see or hear,  this is part of your business that they will remember forever.

The pressure is on: you want to make sure that your name encompasses everything that you are, what you care about, and the passion that you have for your business.


Jeremy Miller is changing the way we name companies and his new book is going to help you!

The new book, Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller had me so consumed with the words he was writing.  I couldn’t put down the book,  I read this book on my Kelowna vacation and can NOT recommend enough that it is a MUST READ.  

This book to me was about more than just naming a business or a program.  It was about reviving your creativity. Allowing a safe place for creativity in your team & opening up the stagnant creative block that you have. With creativity comes expansion and more ideas.  That is a win-win for any entrepreneur.

I was first introduced to Jeremy by exciting messages to my Instagram account saying ‘You have to read this book’, so I searched for the book in Calgary and couldn’t find it anywhere. Trusty Amazon had it – and I ordered it ASAP.  iSticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand now lives permanently in my purse.  


In this interview we talk about: 

  1. The 3 step process of naming any product or business
  2. The importance of making sure your team is a big part of the naming process (team can mean family members, friends or paid staff)
  3. How brainstorming is the WORST thing you can ask your team to do (YES! This was probably my biggest takeaway from the interview!)


I hope you enjoy this awesome interview as much as I did, like what you see, like, share and comment to show your support for our Canadian author xo


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  1.  Your team matters.  I love how much he empowers teams.  Embracing the team atmosphere and team creativity.

  1. We are born creative.  Creativity doesn’t mean just art.  The ideas you have are also part of your creative being.  Don’t hide them. Don’t deny your creativity.

3. Working alone together.  I personally struggle with harnessing other people’s creativity.  Jeremy shares his simple way to brainstorm in our interview. So simple and easy.  

Brand New Name isn’t available for purchase until October 8th so NOW IS YOUR CHANCE for some insider tips on how to get that creativity unlocked and help with naming anything,   besides your children.

What did you learn from this interview with Jeremy?   I walked away knowing how to engage with my team and clients when it comes to creativity.  I now feel more confident in ways to help them get unstuck.  

Remember to go and see what else Jeremy has to offer on his website.  Don’t forget to order his first book, Sticky Branding and get ready to order his second book, Brand New Name.  




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