You’re eyeing up a program, an online course, and you lay in bed thinking bout how it will change EVERYTHING. You’ve got this idea, or current business. Probably making not very much money, or maybe….a little bit but you can FEEEEEEEL more money coming — but you honestly aren’t getting there by yourself. (at least…this is what you tell yourself).
Because, honestly if you actually DO THE WORK — the course will change your life.
I was online, FB scrolling in 2014 knowing NOTHING bout nutrition courses, and knowing NOTHING bout online courses at all. Which is kinda-surprising because I grew up in the 90’s using MSN messenger, ICQ, and was one of the first to get Facebook (At least it felt that way).
So I should’ve been aware of online courses. But…I wasn’t. I was WASTING time on the internet.
I started to be wildly interested in health as I was becoming a Barre instructor – so it made sense that I should invest energy & money into understanding what food would help me get healthier. Then as I started ‘thinking’ about nutrition, all my FB ads started popping up with IIN (the Institute for Integrative Nutrition). Next thing I knew — I was consumed, I was thinking about it non-stop, I was messaging people who had enrolled, I was stalking, calling them, doing absolutely everything I could to find out more information bout the success stories.
So I searched, for success stories lol. I wanted to see how much health coaches, and people could actually help & MAKE by being health coaches.
I googled people, I used the FB search bar, I literally once again WASTED hours upon hours convincing myself that I needed to know what others had accomplished to pll the trigger and sign up. I looked for success stories — so that’s all I found.
I put it out there, and all I saw was success. Here, there everywhere — everyone I saw was successful if they went to IIN and did the course.
If you look for success, you will FIND IT. If you are laying in bed, following, wondering why….and just constantly thinking about it — and you can VISUALIZE yourself being there in the future — it WILL happen xo
Hello Life Academy - Megan Lockhart
But the minute you start looking for their FAILURE’s….that course/ persons/ NEGATIVE results — you’ll find those. You really will.
You’ll talk to people who HATED the course, who think it was a waste of time, was of money, etc. etc. And ….that is what you’re entire body will feel. You’ll hear partners/ husbands/ friends put it down….and tell you you’re crazy. Because you ….have put that out there. And guess what…we all know
It’s hard to disagree with someone if they are passionate about their opinion.  But — these are the people you WANT to be around, these are the people that will help YOU become a more decisive person.
But — courses, mentors — and joining things – I’m telling you if I would’ve listened to all the people who told me some of the courses that were PIVOTAL in moving me forward were ‘stupid’ and a ‘waste of money’….I would’ve been stuck in that ‘searching for’ and laying in bed wondering WHY.
Go for it, I’m serious, join the cooking class, take the language course, enrol into an online course. You can start small.
Marie Forleo is releasing a video series February 8th, and she was my FIRST online mentor & i’ll be honest with you — I totally hid her, I didn’t tell my husband, or friends, or mom that I was signing up — because I was broke and was going to have to use my last 2k on my VISA to join. (I made my first…dollar bills by creating an online course from Bschool’s inspiration……here’s the sales page if you’re curious:
But I did it….and I learnt from her, I learnt from the Bschool community, I still after graduating 2 years ago learn from Marie Forleo.
I’m PROUD, like super proud to say — that because I know it’s scary to dive in and join courses — I am hosting a FREE class showing you the layers of marketing we have used over the years to sell out courses, create plans….and take cold cold leads….and make ’em smoking hot buyers 😉
But really — Join our layers to sales masterclass and I’m giving you a MONTH into our Circle Subscription Group totally free (crrazy xo)
Happy New year entrepreneurs xo
“Release that pressure, get rid of what other people are saying, and seriously — trust yourself.”
Here we go, January 16 is going to be a good day full of amazing learnings:
– xo Megan Lockhart

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.




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