The middle of the night sweats, the yelling at the kids, the “I can’t stop following people that I am actually not that happy” with — FEAR, comparison, the inability to move forward….hits you and you just can’t publish the blog, or go to the event, or even seem to imagine what it would be like to have a business.

It comes up A LOT — it happens A LOT and we all experience it, as women in business we fear not being valued, not being good enough, and not being seen as the expert aka: fraud.

Whether you’ve been in business for a month or 10 years — you still experience fear – I mean it’s part of life, it’s what kinda makes or breaks the people from doing or staying PUT right where they are at.

Will it work? Is this the right decision? Will I see an ROI (Return on Investment)? Do I have the money, do I really have the money? Am I worthy of this? Like really I should be spending it on my family, kids or debt right? FEAR. That little ugly monster that creeps from under your bed and catches your breath and then makes you wake up at night screaming.

That sh*t is real, but you know what else is real – not doing anything about it. Staying still – wondering. Thinking, constantly avoiding making mistakes because you just can’t seem to get past that moment.

I like to think, and encourage our clients to think of fear as training for a race, even if you’ve never ran before. The thought of lacing up those shoes, and running can be HELLA HECK intimidating, until you do it. It always seems kinda big at first, there’s this excitement that happens when you lace up those shoes and walk those first few miles. You look at the road or treadmill, and KNOW that you won’t pass out, you won’t…..and the next day you’ll come back a bit sore but believe it or not: Stronger, and more excited. The highs get higher and …..thats it. The fear DISAPPEARS.

At times in my life when I felt the most alone – I used all those voices of fear that came up, and put on my running shoes. That’s why I spent years racing, training and then teaching fitness classes. I embraced my fear and beat it down.

True story, in moments of pain I’d be so hurt that I’d run it out, I’d disappear for hours running.

It reminded me how the world was mine, the shoes could lace up, and no one could stop me – not the weather, not the trees, not the people, I’d put on Tori Amos — and run. And that is how you get rid of fear: find something that makes you feel alive. Books, running, cooking, board games, napping — it’s YOUR fear breaker. 

Small pushes through your fear helps, whether its sitting n the same room as someone who has hurt you. Or posting a picture that you hesitate to post. Or setting a goal that just …..scares you. PUSH through the fear and decide to go for it. 

My coffee shop friend said it best “IF YOU make a mistake in your journey — you will CIRCLE BACK TO the result you were aiming for — I can guarantee it.” Ryan Donnelly 

Booking a coach, doing the training, whatever it is —- it’s going to feel scary if you’ve never done it before — because it’s new.

You DON’T know the results, when you step into fear, there’s no possible way to know the answer to what you’re about to do. I would openly say it’s very rare that someone tries something and regrets it. They always expand ❤️

Attending our weekend to success probably brings up some fear for you, I mean working on your business for an entire weekend to move it forward, to be clear, and to have new photos taken: may be scary, you’ve got those questions: Will I see that ROI? I don’t know anyone. Will this really help my business grow (yes…it will xo).

I also know that deep down you know that taking dedicated focused time on your business is important. You know you want to have a strategic plan so that you can reach the next level of success in your business this year. You know you want support and guidance and some seriously amazing brainstorming and collaborations.

I want to encourage you to push through that fear, check out the information  what if this is the beginning of saying goodbye to the nightmares, sweats…. and HELLO to 10k + more months ox Lace up the running shoes, and trust the road – it will bring you to the right place xo

Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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