During the times when life got crazy in 2021, and gyms were completely shutdown and my watch keeps telling me to “move” once again – I go down to the basement and hop on my Peloton.  I have had the Peloton bike for almost two years now, and I think you should listen to the podast episode ( THIS one) to hear why it’s the only thing I’m riding. 

The problem with working from home righ tnow and not going to any coffee shops or restaurants: creativity can feel stale. But from being a fitness instructor I’ve learnt that creativity comes from movement, so I decided to combine the two: 


About a year ago I met this man online who was doing COOL things…I stopped my scroll and sent a message – SEND ME one of those Spin Trays because that is the bees knees. 

You can find him here — @Therealspintray

I truly believe that having a dedicated workout time is essential in your life but there are moments when life takes over.  You have heard me on my own instagram talk so much about how in love I am with my Peloton bike

But when I put on the spintray my workaholic mind is so happy lol. 

Ladies, gents…meet THE SPIN TRAY. 

Fitness has played a HUGE role in my life.  As most of you know, I began Hello Life as a Pilates studio.  I created a studio in the basement of my home and taught classes, I have always loved to be physically active but when life got busy; it was put on the back burner.  

The peloton:  ADDICTING. 

That is the word I would use to describe how I feel about the Peloton bike now.  After you get your first ride out of the way, all you want is MORE.  To make this bike even better, the spin tray has changed how I use this bike, how often I can use this bike, and how I can incorporate it into my already jam packed days.   I no longer need to wait until all of my work is done to enjoy the bike.  I can hop on, work, and ride all at the same time.  


I love the fact that this tray encourages people to use their physical bodies while they are working, it helped me be more creative. And when its -30 outside (because #calgary) you can still squeeze in a bike ride.  

And now with the spintray….I am now excited to get on my bike and don’t feel like I have to sacrifice work time for exercise time.  I said above (and I truly believe it) that it is important to have dedicated workout time but during certain times, life and business get busy and I needed to find a way to combine the two without feeling like I had to sacrifice my sanity, my business, and time with my family.  This bike allows me to bring my phone or my computer with me while I bike, read, or even just simply get some movement in – honestly these days anything is better than nothing.  

The use of this tray isn’t for when you are wanting to sweat and give it all you have on some of the programs that are available. This tray is meant to be used when you are doing a more chill and relaxed set of programs while you are in a meeting, team calls, or ‘’friend’ zooming because we still can’’ meet in person.  Whatever it is that you do in your business, the Peloton bike and Spin Tray make an excellent addition.

I am incredibly grateful for taking a chance on myself, on my fitness, and on the Peloton bike and the spin tray.  It has taken my creativity to the next level.  It has made physical activity fun for me again.  It has reminded me and has also shown my children that fitness is an important factor in your life.  

I love my body in its current condition but I can feel how this bike is changing it for the better.
My moods are better.
I have more energy.
My concentration has improved.
I am having fun.

When fun is in the equation, my life and business are better.  Thank you to Russ for creating a product that allows business owners to create a safe and easy way to use the Peloton bike when we combine fitness and work.  This tray made me feel as if I could exercise without feeling like I was exercising.  I was busy with all of my business to-dos that the time I was exercising felt different.  I didn’t have to focus on how hard I was working or how I was struggling through my workout because my mind couldn’t concentrate.  This tray allowed me to flow into my workout with ease all while I was focused on my business.  

Who knew all it would take to get me SUPER EXCITED about exercise again would be a product called the Spin Tray??  I recommend this product to absolutely everyone!  If you are ready to take your fitness, your creativity, and your productivity to the next level; the Spin Tray for the Peloton Bike is the way to go.

And — there’’ no affiliate link or special price, just choose to either bring the gym (peloton) to you and the spin tray or not. But I certainly love it! 

xo Megan 

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