Marketing doesn’t have to be ‘confusing’…especially when you have an incredible App like GetintheLoop! I literally spent hours scrolling through all the amazing offers and deals that were in ONE PLACE! (This APP!) 

GetintheLoop is a mobile marketing platform that connects local businesses to local consumers in a very affordable, convenient and authentic way.  Press PLAY on the video below to watch – you’re  going to love how easy it is to use and find local offers. It literally took me 5 seconds to download from iTunes and start exploring! I would ay this is one of my new favourite Airdrie Businesses!  


Guys — ladies, humans: I am a busy person, so having access to deals at my fingertips is a dream for me…..and it’s SO easy to sign up (you can use your Facebook a account) and then— watch the dollar savings come in. Not to mention as a BUSINESS owner this is INSTANT marketing for people who are always on their phone (hands up!) 

I’ve chatted back and forth with Chrissie for about a month, and then I found myself captivated by her amazing and supportive Instagram Stories. She is someone who I would LOVE to sit with for hours about business, support and creating a life you love. 

Get in the Loop Airdrie is owned by a husband and wife team – which I  LOVE! They check out. stores together, and support one another (a little bit like Chip & Joanne Gaines lol)….seriously…KEEP being so cute you two!

 Chrissie was born in Fort McMurray, but grew up in Newfoundland but being from the east coast s just a tiny part of who she is.   Chrissie is very passionate about ensuring she leaves the world better than she found it. From being diligent to teaching her daughters to be kind and inclusive to all.

When you start talking to Chrissie  (because you will want to feature your business on GetintheLoop). you’ll notice immediately that she’s a  a natural born cheerleader. After talking to her TWICE I felt really empowered to go back to the gym, and she felt like an instant friend ❤️

Her and her hubs decided to invest into this awesome franchise and support Airdrie businesses because  it was is the  perfect way they could spread her entrepreneurial wings all while using natural born gifts of supporting and cheering other businesses on.  I am hands down going to walk up to her this weekend at the Airdrie Home Lifestlyle show and HUG her! 

So why download the GetintheLoop App? — Because if you’re out and about shopping…why wouldn’t you want to check the deals instead of your Facebook messages ;)? 

I love the way Chrissie and Get In the Loop celebrate not just by using words — by actually going into the stores and USING their services. They EXPERIENCE what they feature on. their app — and I love getting a deal, or two or three on the local stores xo 

Get the app (now…), and when you have…let us know in the comments what deal and from what business ou’re loving from GetintheLoop  Airdrie xo 

-Megan xo



My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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