My eyes and fingers always stop the scroll when I come across  the  work from Referbished Renovations. I am so passionate about beautiful, simple spaces – and although that is NOT one of my talents I am blessed to have so many incredible companies to work with!

 I have watched this husband and wife team for a few years now and can’t wait to work with them to create the cabin of my dreams  (soon I hope!). I’ve always considered homes to be a piece of art, and that art can either help you create a life you love, or….hinder it.

That feeling of walking into a space and immediately shifting energy because of the design – that’s what it’s all about it! Tara and Cal know how to do this.  Call me crazy but being in a space you LOVE is one of my top priories for 2019 and 2020. It helps your creativity, helps you relax and you fall in love all over again. I can’t wait for you to read what Tara had to say about the  top  3 Design trends happening now. 

Ladies if you are renovating, and need design message them right here.  


2019 came in hot, and a long with it came some trends that we are so happy to see

Marie Kondos big question ‘does it spark joy?’ Has encouraged people to declutter and
with that local thrift stores have filled up, and so did our hearts.

Vintage Furniture Repurposed

Repurposing and refurbishing old furniture in new ways is beginning to pick up steam,
no longer are we seeing the shabby chic trends of the past. The new trend is to use
furniture in a new and innovative way in the home whether you are using as a kitchen
island or in a bathroom as a vanity.

If you have the patience, time for a trip to Lowe’s and a willingness to use a little elbow grease; these pieces can add balance, warmth and texture to your home. Not to mention they tend to offer your home a unique vibe and a story different from many homes. They can be great for a budget and helping reduce our carbon footprint in the landfill! All the wins make it worth the search. 

Kitchen Trends

Not a new trend but the colored island is still on point, but deep and rich tones are taking over leaving the cool whites in the dust. Warming up your kitchen space is key!!

We have seen the of two tone kitchen before like white and grey or navy but now we are starting to see warm/lighter wood tones emerge, and it’s warming them up without even turning on the oven! 

Still keeping things light and bright but still adding beautiful wood textures, brings nature into our homes again. The grainier texture the better making the balance of a Scandinavian vs Modern that plays up that Marie Kondo vibe and the balance is breathtaking. 


VINYL.  Don’t panic; we are not talking about the vinyl floor your grandmother had in the 80s, we are talking about beautifully patterned and styled planks for 2019.

Not only is it taking the place of laminate and engineered hardwoods, but it’s affordable, easy to install, durable and comes in beautiful styles that can go in any space. 

Vinyl plank is perfect for any home, it can go in bathrooms kitchens, and mud rooms and you don’t have to worry about how it will hold up, because it’s proven to be indestructible, warm and beautiful. Who needs cold tiles when you can have beautiful vinyl insulated plank? 

Thanks so much to the Interior Design and Renovations by Re’Ferbish Group INC. for being here on this incredible day – we can’t wait to watch all that you do xo 


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