Have you have ever wondered what to say to complete strangers online aside from pressing the LIKE or LOVE button you’re in the right spot. I’m going to show you the 5 ways to cultivate real connections & how to spend only 10 minutes a day changing your visibility and HOPEFULLY increasing your traffic and sales!


Today I’m going to make you a master social media connector. With the 5 key strategies and resources you’ll leave here feeling confident and probably pretty calm about implementing the tips OR having someone on your team begin to implement what I’m about to teach you.


Start by watching this video to find out WHO I am, and why relationships online convert to sales even without MEETING the person exactly how to cultivate real connections using social media so that your business thrives online.



I believe that every business should have online visibility Allowing us as women to have a greater impact, a wider reach and create the freedom we saw was possible when we first decided to become our own bosses #amiright



Before we even start teaching you HOW to build relationships, we have to look at how we are currently in our relationships.


Step ONE The not so fun evaluation process 
1. Are you consistent on two platforms (aka Twitter/ Facebook?)
2. Are you consistently communicating with NEW people on those / or any platforms?
3. Will YOU do this, or will you outsource the work? (be honest!)
4. How would you perceive yourself/ social media platforms online as a VIEWER (give yourself some positive feedback)

5. Is your FB personal profile set up for successful networking  (Click here to learn how to fix ONE thing that will shift your Facebook today


Instead of wasting time trying to create relationships before our platforms look amazing, it’s better to spend a few days fixing them up (not to perfection) but act as if your mother in law is coming over for dinner: make it tidy, and obvious that you keep some food in your fridge (aka your content is consistent).


TIP: Toss the business cards, this is the new way of networking. Go to everyone’s business pages NOW and like and leave ONE comment on their page. 




5 key strategies for relationships:


  1. Prepare an engagement plan 
  2. Find your online groups / hang out spots – just like a coffee shop
  3. Give value – decide WHAT this looks like 
  4. Reach out to 1 person per week from those groups
  5. Be consistent on your OWN platforms 



What to do for 10 minutes each day (or assign this to someone on your team). 


1. Go into the online groups/ hang out spots / pages you enjoy and leave a few REAL full sentence comments (think coffee shop real conversation)


2. Post YOUR awesome VALUE content on YOUR platform (everyday Monday – Friday) after 60 days you will see results, anything less #sorrynotsorry anything more #yourearockstar


3. Send 1 person a private message showing that you appreciate their content/ their post/ their image. Be REAL.


4. Comment on ONE business page as YOUR business (watch this tutorial) so that you GROW in the business world online. This one is specific for Facebook but you can do it on Linked, twitter, or Instagram too.


If you have no idea how to comment, or engage with people or be REAL online here are a few samples I’ve come up with: 





Here are the 5 key strategies & explained a little bit more: 


1) Prepare a plan for engagement – set a goal for your engagement, look at your numbers – if they don’t increase after 60 days you may need to change your coffee shop voice..


2) Find & Align – Find PARALLEL target markets and talk about them online. I own a health coach company I may want to align with someone who does women hair. I own a mortgage broker I may want to align with the dog walker. The more you talk about different services: the better it is for everyone. Tip: introduce yourself to who you are talking about. “Hey Sarah I mentioned your company on my Instagram stories – thanks for doing what you do!” 


3) Positive Polly – No one needs more negativity in their life. Toss it like the penny. Your platform IS NOT meant for venting, it’s meant to inspire, and provide value (even if you’re a newspaper).


4) Give 1 — Teach people thangs’, good things. If you are a dog groomer show people how to cut their dogs nails. They’ll try it once – and then call you the next time. (True story) 


5) Take 1 — Take someone else content and share it (yup). If I POST about the Rural Alberta Women Conference in Crossfield Alberta, & you’re going to be there, instead of re-inventing the wheel SHARE the content. Tag my company in the post and the internet will soak that up. YOu’ll also start building a relationship with MY company…and me! (YAY me!) 



Building relationships online is easier than offline especially as a busy human, entrepreneur and all the other things you have on the go. Use your time wisely — 10 minutes a day can keep you in maintenance for a very long time.  xo


When you get out of your way, accomplish your tasks and tell fear to take a long hike…you will notice a shift in your business and your life xo


Like what you see, share it on Pinterest, Facebook or heck take a screenshot and send it to your mom…just make sure to tag us so we can send you some love back xo  👇🏻



-Megan xo


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My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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