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Launching and hosting a live event or party in any industry requires a marketing PLAN. I was so happy when Lindsey Richel Proulx Coyle from Airdrie Exchange reached out and asked us to give her some suggestions on how to sell out an upcoming event in my hometown of Airdrie, Alberta!

Watch the video here to watch  Lindsey’s question.


Start with knowing who you want to see at your event.

We talk often about the target market and working through who she is and what her pain points are. This is no different, Lindsey – knowing who you actually see buying tickets to your event will help you immensely. What would be even cooler is seeing WHO is at that event, really spending time closing your eyes and picturing her ther?. That way you aren’t wasting time trying to sell to people who aren’t interested (yet!).

It will feel really great to visualize her, see her having an amazing night at your event and telling all of her friends to join her! When you can create her your entire marketing comes together. You start to see where she hangs out online, what she is commenting on and how you can connect with her.

I have an incredible target market workbook that will help you get clear on WHO is going to buy your products. I recommend starting here for ANYONE who has a new product or idea they are considering releasing into the world.

Click here to download your target market workbook.

Then when you’re done the workbook, watch the video I created just for Lindsey from Airdrie Exchange to help her sell out her live event HERE. 


Marketing Plan for a live event in Airdrie Alberta


Decide what you will charge per ticket. Spend some time figuring out HOW much you have to charge per person and what wiggle you room to do giveaways/ give free tickets away to people you absolutely HAVE to have there.

Lindsey – knowing the PRICE that you will charge per ticket will help you in a few ways:

1. It will give you the exact amount of tickets you HAVE to sell to make sure the event can happen.

2. Knowing how much you will be charging also gives you a COST per client. If you spend $15 on marketing PER tickets sold and tickets are $150 that’s actually pretty good. Sometimes in marketing, we get so AFRAID to spend any money we leave a lot of money off the table.

3. Bums on seats are important, and there’s something called INFLUENCE marketing. If you know the price of your ticket and you know there are people in town who will talk about your event because they LOVE it and they have great social media presence — give them tickets. Yup for free…in exchange for a few posts, a couple of IG stories and some other details. By doing that – they’ll also naturally WANT to tell their friends — who will then buy tickets. So …keep in mind you may WANT TO as part of marketing give 2 tickets away, so knowing your cost per ticket can help you get clear on where you need to recover those costs.

4. Launch it, which I am so excited to have you ask that amazing question. How the HECK do I market it?  I actually walk you through the week by week what you SHOULD do to sell out this live event.


The launch strategy & marketing plan for your live event in Airdrie outlined below.

In this video, I walk you through the week by week what I would suggest, and if you have even more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

I know this will help YOU with the marketing side of things. Make sure you sign me up because I love all things events especially when they are in this amazing city!

Visibility is very important in your marketing plan, make sure you are sending emails, talking to people and continue to do what you love – CONNECT our community. Sending lots of good vibes to YOUR launch!! ❤️ 

Have fun –

Megan Lockhart xo




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