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Grab your coffee..or Rose, these women are inspiring xo

We’re starting our interview series with an intimate experience…in the bedroom. But don’t shy away from this topic, keep reading. This mama of 3 beautiful boys is making sure we talk openly about Sex, intimacy and all things in between….(the sheets and elsewhere).

Look – or read, I am NOT comfy with this topic, which is why — i feel inspired to start here. I’m comfy with biz, facebook, relatonships, growing a team. And truth be told — this topic, is not one that comes….to me easily. Victoria inspires the heck out of me to build up confidence, find my voice..and embrace my beauty xo I’m so blessed to have her in my life — and I hope as you read, you find JOY and inspiration. This woman truly is superwoman….aShe started this business when she was 2 months pregnant, already a mom of 2…so YOU CAN too xo…Anything is possible…Anything.

Victoria Baitson graduated from Hello Life Academy in May 2016, and we know her business is going to continously grow. We  asked her a lot of questions biz related…because we know that’s why you landed here. You have an idea, maybe it’s already becoming a business…but we are ALWAYS looking for inspiration. Lets be honest, I spend more time in the “idea” cycle of creation somedays than I do the actual work. And that is OKAY. Being inspired is part of the process, I believe you’ll feel that way when reading Victoria’s answers xo  For some, talking about business is a little uncomfy, for myself personally talking about sex…is even more uncomfy; Which is why this interview inspired me even more, to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the uncomfy feelings…xo

Her First steps for business….

I bought the domain EuphoricEpiphany.com on November 10, 2015.  As I was creating the site, I thought more and more about the content I wanted to create, and who I wanted to help.  I decided then that I wanted to really give my expertise, passion, and previous experiences a platform.  While a website was a part of that platform, it wasnt the whole package.
Educating myself and others about sex is something I have been interested in since watching the movies Look Whos Talking and Look Whos Talking Too when I was younger (Those movies came out in 1989 and 1992 respectively).

So really…why did you start this business?

When I first wrote this answer, my answer included my husband, my kids, my pets, my love of the colour green, and how WONDERFUL pickles are. 

Let’s scrap that for a second!  Of course, my family and spending time with them brings me joy!

But you know what else brings me joy?  SEX.  Yes, I said it. Sex brings me JOY!  Specifically, sex with my husband, my partner, my friend (those are all the same person, to be clear!)  It is something I look forward to.  It is something I smile about when thinking about my past experiences, and when I look to the future.

Sex is a way to connect and be completely intimate with your partner.  It should be joyful, and cheerful.  The last thing it should feel like is a chore, or that the pleasure is onesided.  I know for so many women it feels just like that, and that is completely NORMAL.  Just because it is normal (and common), it doesnt mean it has to be YOUR normal.

Add Joy — not in biz…but the bed…But how?? 

1. MEAN IT  Really ask yourself if what you are doing is serving you.  Chocolate is amazing, but are you eating it in a way that gives you the most pleasure?  Or are you gobbling it down expecting pleasure?  Assess your experience.

2. SLOW IT  Intentionally enjoy whatever it is you have decided on enjoying.  Be that a piece of chocolate, a book, or a makeout session.  It is a lot easier to enjoy something when you slow down and really focus on the sensations your body is feeling.

3. SCHEDULE IT  There is nothing wrong with putting pleasure time on the calendar!  Whether it is general selfcare time or time for sex.  Make a date with yourself or your partner and stick to it!

So business owners, boss ladies, womenpreneurs and…..everyone in between – what do you think? Let’s reflect on how this topic makes you feel? And…what topics make you feel joyful while reading them? Really…reflection is part of the process and we can’t wait to see and hear your answers in the comments —>

Do you live a “joyful” life? I’d love to hear in the comments what is ONE THING …(sex or not) that brings you JOY xo 

See you soon entrepreneurs xo 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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