You are an entrepreneur, the days where you feel AMAZING are so good & they are contagious. You got new clients, your e-mail open rates are higher and your vibes are HIGH. YOU CAN accomplish anything!!!

But then – a client fires you, no one shows up for classes, your website doesn’t getting any hits. Your launch — well your new product – no one seems to give a sh*t about it. THOSE DAYS / WEEKS/ MONTHS are the hardest times as an entrepreneur.

Well shoot, now business doesn’t seem so good. The 6 figure months seem a lot further, the e-mails get less important & you wish…well you wish things would just start working out again.   And trust when I say — they do.

I truly know and believe after 3 years of being hit with nearly everything –  law suits, copying concerns, arguments that turned into epic fights,

firing people (this is the worst thing ever),

complaints, tickets, failed launches, tech issues, staff turn over, conversations discussed that were suppose to be confidential.

My heart has ached, my bank account has gone all over the place. And I KNOW that God/ The Universe and everyone else was testing me “Does she really want this?”.

Simple answer- yes I do. 

“Behind the scenes of Hello Life has been – well less than glamourous.

Between the photoshoots, public events & worldly travels – the food I ate, the wine I drank, the nights I cried – those have been hard.”

This past May, we planned a gorgeous weekend in Kelowna with some of the Academy. It was meant to be a celebration of what they had accomplished and a re-kindling of members. Wine tours, great food…we were all excited.  Except – it rained the entire time, I had one of my very first HUGE meltdowns in front of everyone &…felt sad that only some of the members could come.  I would categorize this as one of my lowest moments in business.

Even though May was our most financially successful month to date — we had our new directors, our academy launch went amazing and our staff had never been stronger. 

I wanted to crawl inside a whole and never come out. But these women reminded me, stroked my ego and said get back outta that hole, who cares, shake it off and let’s be bigger than this.

I’m going to dive right into EGO. 

No, I don’t run the business from a space of ego, nor do I want any of our members too. But I certainly encourage our members, our staff and our peeps all over to find people who will STROKE THEIR EGO until they have the confidence to accomplish exactly what they want to. 

Find the friends or hire the support who will: Tell you your idea is incredible. Tell you that you can get yourself out of that hole, because that hole — doesn’t even suit you. Find people who tell you your videos are wonderful and your MESSAGE is important! Hire people who will make your hair shine, your skin glow — and allow yourself to feel like the MOST amazing human being ever. Find your biz besties who will tell you that even though the launch wasn’t a $$$ success….you still killed it and they can’t wait to see what ideas come from it.

“Find the people who will boost you up, and if you can’t find them – pay for it. Seriously. “

I want nothing more than for all your courses, programs and products to fill up & sell out. I mean…I want you to watch this amazing story of Lisa TRIPLING her income after just a few short months of being a member. I mean – she could’ve done it without us, no doubt — but I truly know the boost….the guidance, and the support got her there a little quicker xo Because she trusted…and had a team of women around her reminding her that she rocked.

(Click the image below to listen to her story) xo 

Hello life Academy - Megan Lockhart

Truly – our FREE TRAINING starting September 15th will have a large impact on you.

“It is my GIFT to women, to teach them how to take their ideas & launch them into the world. Get ready to take notes, learn….do the worksheets & walk away TRUSTING yourself xo”

 If I would have never had someone reminding me (Megan Condie thank you) that I was good enough, that I have the knowledge and that no matter what — IT WILL WORK OUT…I don’t know if Hello Life Academy would exist (crazy hey). Every single human being needs to be told they are doing a good job. From a 6 month old to a 36 year old — let it happen, allow people to ‘stroke your ego’ xo Can’t wait to see you September 15th in our free training xo

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Lots of love –

Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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