Launching. Selling. Preparing. Marketing. Emails. Social Media. Coaching. Events. Retreats. Webinars. Masterclasses. Zoom. Skype. Discovery Calls. Freebies. Opt-ins. Alignment. Powerful. Groups. Courses. Online. Offline.

You don’t have to figure out how to do all of those things – because we have xo And it’s what we help and guide our clients with in the Academy xo 

We meet women who have a strong vision to move their business forward. They want to increase their sales, encourage their audience to engage and they want people to buy their products.

But when they look at that list (plus some) they get exhausted, overwhelmed and tired. We don’t want that – I mean if your gift & product is meant to be served out into the world that list above should be taken care of by other PEOPLE! Your team, your support system…or the Hello Life Academy.

One of the reasons why we created the Hello Life Academy was to take out all of the chaos of deciding what to do next, when to do it, how to grow, how to market….and what the heck should you focus on next.

I want you to think about the following, and be inspired:

If you have been dying to take your products/ services and create 5-10k months, we help you get there. Here are three ways we do that: 

  1.  We provide you with the opportunity to create a plan…a business & life plan that WILL show you where to go each month. Now the great thing is, when we work with you — this will change, but you have us to remind you to keep going, and how to change it so it won’t knock you off your feet.

A member of the current Hello Life Academy said

“I feel so much clarity – I know what my goals are and I know how to get there”.

Want to know why? Because they are. The most beautiful part about hiring a business coach is the way you are going to FEEL almost immediately. You will feel lighter, you will feel supported, & you will feel connected to your business in a different way. 

2. We show you how to market, how to build an audience…and how to create engagement – so that people WANT your products. 

3. We provide you with TWO weekends away – to focus on your business around other experts and human beings who “get it” 

Two weekends away to focus entirely on your business

Everyone is so custom – that yes we do have a month by month plan of what we are going to teach – but truly we adjust that to where YOU are in that moment – because YOU are unique, your business is too. If you need an extra month on learning how to be a better sales person – we do that.

The weekends away – help us get to know you even more, take you away from distractions — and allow us the opportunity to have branding photos done of you & your business xo It’s pretty frigin’ great! xo

We create branding for you, a new website (or sales page), instant collaborations with the other Academy members, 12 months of private coaching, and 12 months of group coaching. Tutorials 

The Hello Life Academy is a business in a box, a hand held solution to your next 12 months. And we will take you from where you are — to where you want to be in the 12 months xo

Check out our Youtube videos to hear some of the Honest Experiences from our members:

Click here for the Hello Life Academy Open & Honest Experiences

Hello Life Academy

Your business is waiting for you xo We are here to support you, love up on you and the biz, and help you reach your goals so you can live the life you desire. 

Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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