You’ll make it. I know you will, but it  may be — in a different way than you expected.

Call me crazy, but I’m sure not the only person who has heard in their years of business “i’ll support you”…and then you don’t know where that person is until you’re on the cover of a magazine or TV show, or they ‘forgot’ to send you an invoice for that free service they said they’d do & then when you start talking about 6 figure launches, they’re like — oh yah here it is. (#truthbomb)

 I have become very very open to accepting that talking about the bad stuff, doesn’t mean I’m a negative person. It means I’m becoming aware of what has happened…and accepting it.  I’m also feeling like unleashing my feminine side more and more — being me, truly openly connected with my emotions, feelings and energy. And it feels so stinkin’ good. I even went and bought myself a new bottle of Coco Chanel Gabrielle today – yes…we got crazy today 😉

Saying yes to opening my business is one of the most beautiful decisions I made. It allowed me to feed my kids, travel parts of the world – show my kids that anyone can accomplish big things with commitment, strategy and passion.

But it also — set me up for a lot of difficult conversations, heart-ache, heart break, and …..failed relationships. I think if you’re reading this – you may feel the same. But hang tight I do have a few solutions for you – and I believe you can find a lot of love, so this may be a little bit of a Cinderalla story xo When you begin your journey as an entrepreneur…… are going to feel the feels. You are going to feel the things you felt when you had your first, second or third crush. Madly, deeply and a powerful pull to make it happen…to love it with all you’ve got — and it will consume you.

And it feels SO GOOD to see it come to life. It feels SO GOOD to have it all happen, your dedication to this business is contagious. Your friends, family and co-workers (because you probably have a 9-5 to support this new business)…are cheering you on. They are there to “support you”.

But then you want to quit the 9-5.

And you want to hire a nanny to help with the kids because — heck you can’t run a business and be a full time stay at home mom/ wife/ cook/ driver.

And then…you don’t want to go to the school dances because — well you have client meetings and FB ads to sort out.

And the food — on the table, is not really something you’d invite your grandma over for.

And….you stop kinda sorta dressing yourself, except when you miss those school dances for client meetings.

“Then — those people who were there to ‘support you’..are kinda mad at you. Right? “

They want you to be happy, but they just can’t understand why you have to be on your phone, or go to another networking event or spend another thousand dollars. They are actually becoming, and slowly transitioning into some of your first haters. (T.Swift can play here right now #hatersgoingtohatehatehatehatehate).

The truth is, they aren’t mad at you…they just don’t understand it. Now here’s a truthbomb for you – it’s because….it’s like when people without kids, tell you how to get your kid to sleep through the night — it’s nice of them, but really— if they don’t experience it, they don’t get it.

Having a business is unique, and you can’t explain it to everyone.

So the tip of this post is —> 

Don’t even try to.

I want you (you fierce woman you) to realize that your support is out there…but it may not be between the four walls of your home. You may have to step out of comfort zones, and find new people. The people you need to show you the way, show you what REAL support is…and to understand why you woke up at 6am to finally figure out Instagram.

I believe we’ve had success with the Hello Life Academy because we offer a hand holding, hug tighting (?) experience.

We offer….support.

I want you to know, that something amazing happens when you find your people. And we experienced it last October when our Academy members got together for the first time after being a part of our course for 6 months. ….The women spent 4 days together at last year’s Hello Life Academy — and they felt the support. They met for the FIRST TIME in a strange place, quite isolated (check out Emerald Lake Lodge) and they— became a support system, buddies….and the truth is.

They paid for it.  And even if they were fully supported at home/ work/ life…they still knew that finding “their people” & connecting was going to move them forward xo 

You find the right people at the right time —- there are NO mistakes…ever.

So, the truth is — some nights when I’m home alone in the bath sipping wine, I pray and hope that what I am doing with the Academy and the meet-ups and our team — guides women to feeling supported.

People will always come, and will always go – and it hurts, it sucks, there’s no positive polly things you can say – it just frigin’ sucks when someone you thought was supportive — leaves because sh*t got real, or awkward, or annoying, or…..hard. 

The other truth is — sometimes I had to hire people to support me (thank you TEAM). 

I too as confident as sometimes I am — am not quite sure that I am accomplish what I set out to do. It would be ridiculous if 365 days a year I felt like I was.

You’re NOT ALONE. We all …(all of us!!) question, worry, have anxiety, have fears, doubts…and I’m here to tell you to kiss those goodbye for at least a few days…because YOU ARE WORTHY OF MASSIVE THINGS. I”M TALKING…all the feels you want, all the things you want….and all the business you desire.

Yes, as we open up our free training (toot toot plug plug get it HERE) I probably shouldn’t be talking about the negatives of having a business & support — but  I promised you we’d let you in behind the scenes…and I have been true to that.

Hello Life  Academy is the answer to….support. It’s that sisterhood, that circle, that tribe, that space where some days the women want to crawl into holes and not do business. But then other days — we literally want to crack open all the bottles of champagne the world has and celebrate that sale xo

And honestly – I know going into this next launch – the right women will find each other, will be part of the 2018 Academy — and will be fully supported. 

I mean I spent this beautiful Saturday with our clients — hand holding them through their own launches, giving the exact steps hey needed — so trust when I say — I give a lot of support because it’s something I lack.

So….for now, I want you to sit back….and be supported from afar with your next product launch. And know that whenever, wherever you are — your business will succeed….get the support. Find it. Up-level your game, do something crazy. Seriously — do something your old self…..wouldn’t do. Because THAT”s when support happens.

Because wanna know where the real support comes from?



YOU have to allow yourself to BE supported. Otherwise — no matter who you meet, or what you hear — won’t matter.

(Click the image below for our first training video on how to take your service…and launch it. Consider this…a bit of support for your product / service launch) 


Megan xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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