The best kind of meetings are the ones that are completely by chance, and you never want to stop talking to that person.  I call this my soul food – when you meet someone and you want to dive into all areas of their life. Before the interview I wanted to hear what Amy was up to, where she was living, how she ended up in California and back in Ontario (my home province!). People are incredible, women who are following there passion remind me every day of my purpose ❤️

I am inspired by this incredible human and can’t wait for you to meet her – Amy Armstrong THANK YOU for being here and spending time with me to chat ❤️

A few months ago we had a pop up mastermind group for women in business and this incredible female entrepreneur was in it –   meet Amy Armstrong, the owner of Shop Local Canada.

I spent a few months watching her Instagram explode, her branding come together and her WORK continues to blow my socks off. You can honestly FEEL the support she has for her members with her posts. When they talk about authentic – I sometimes roll my eyes because well you shouldn’t have to TRY to be authentic— and AMY has nailed this. YOU know she’s the same online, offline, you want to have coffee with her –   I promise xo


I am focusing he next few months on making all the money so I can buy from ALL the Canadian stores ;).   I reached out to her a few weeks ago because I felt a super strong desire to talk to her about supporting small businesses, all things Canadian and of course where she is at with her business.

Meet Amy – we had a few giggles and a real open and honest conversation about her business and me basically telling her she should host a giant retreat because —  heck I wanna come.  If you’re a product based company I would highly recommend becoming a member of her site – the branding is incredible, the consistency is out of this world — and Amy’s TOP goal is to make sure you are supported xo Let us know in the comments what your Instagram business page is and Amy and I will check it out ! 👇🏻



Find Amy below, grab your wine and shop all the incredible Canadian clothing, craft, hand crafted soap and SO much more kinda stores xo

Canada has an abundance of talent – so thankful for all of these incredible business owners and that Amy has brought them all together In ONE place xo

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