When you hear the word money – do you think about your debt, your lack, and your desire to always have more?Or….do you feel like you’ve got it all together and that money is flowing easily into your bank account and life.


I am not a money manifesting queen, nor do I feel like I manifest money into my life all the time.As always — I am a passionate entrepreneur and believe money comes to me. Is that manifesting- maybe? But it’s also the art of great marketing, great social media planning a wonderful team and an even better ability to believe in my product so selling — never feels like selling.
Let’s start there – Selling should not FEEL like selling – when you see the value. xo 

We are focusing a lot on product clarity & customer experience in our Hello Life Academy & I believe these two things are key ingredients to business (obviously xo)
Grab a piece of paper and ask yourself these questions to help money and clarity: 

  • Do you KNOW what you are selling?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What do you ACTUALLY want to make? Be super clear $1200 a month
  • If you aren’t making ANY money right now, try to avoid….$5k months, and start where you’re at — and let it grow
  • What will you DO with that money once you recieve it? Where will you spend it? What debt will you pay off?
  • Tell yourself every day — that you are totally worth the money you want — because money is not BAD. It just…IS.
  • Is it EASY for people to pay you? I’m talking CLICK and buy, easy is important xo


When I started the business I put a lot of stuff on my credit card because I didn’t have cash flow – which is quite common when beginning an entrepreneur journey. But I knew that I’d put a certain amount each client I recieved back on my credit card — and it worked. I asked for 10 new clients at $100, and that i’d put $300 of that onto my credit card.

The money had a CLEAR spot to go — so it made it easier to come into my life. I want you to try this going into the next month xo Tell your money where to go (….haha) and it will GO there xo

We are super excited that our entrepreneurs in the 2018 Academy get access to a very beautiful and succesful accountant – so she can guide support and help them get to where they want to be with money. Have you been thinking about moving your business forward, having branding, a new website, sales page? Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in a circle?

AND — of course I am so excited to meet the 2017 Hello Life Academy members IN PERSON NEXT WEEK at the beautiful Banff Springs hotel in just a few short days. They are nervous, excited, and about to be so spoiled – my heart is warm!

Spa, Bowling, Pampering and lots of solo time to WORK their butts off in a gorgeous hotel so they walk into 2018 feeling like the boss ladies they are xo xo

These women are ON FIRE already —

“I MET and exceeded my goal of making $4,500 this month – THANK YOU Megan” – Lisa Marie

“I CAN’T keep up – I sold all but 3 spots in my coaching program” – Patricia Hill

“July I launched my first program with Megans help. My goal was 20 people…it was $199…in 3 weeks it SOLD OUT…income 1….$4000. MONTH ONE! Mind BLOWN!” – Christina Beckett 

These women all believed and trusted that the money they spent — would come back. They work on their mindset, their abundance….and it comes back xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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