If you’re anything like me, I watch Instagram like it’s reality TV. I have a few people that I ‘check in’ on, and ‘binge’ watch their stories. 

I mean Colton Underwood from the Bachelor playing with his dogs yah…I’m watching…probs too much haha.

But I mean we are on our PHONES so much, Instagram stories are way better than any Netflix show I’ve ever watched. Except these ones (click to check out my faves)

Instagram news feeds, IGTV, Instagram stories — it’s like you could ACTUALLY spend all day CONSUMING other peoples lives. From seeing what they’ve eaten fro breakfast to how long it takes for them to get their kids to bed…Instagram is kinda the place to be right now. 

SO in 2017 when Brodie Pierson and I first met and he  was all about the Instagram and I was ALL about the e-mail marketing and Facebook –  I kind-of-sorta didn’t believe him. I was super stubborn about using it as a platform for Hello Life Academy.   

I was like uhhh Brodie you’ve got SHINY object syndrome. Because that’s a thing ladies — some creative entrepreneurs are constantly searching for the NEXT cool thing they forget to implement! BUT I was WRONG! 

2018 came he kept using Instagram, and he was teaching people through his courses how amazing it was. And ladies I was stubborn –  I still HELD back, I would work kinda-sorta on my Instagram but not really!

And here we are in 2019 – well Facebook is being a bit of a turd, and Instagram has INSANE engagement and growth stats.  

On Facebook — many people have ‘static’ (not growing) business pages on Facebook, but Instagram is GROWING, and the majority of influence marketing happens on it. 

Ladies – Brodie was right. He can say what most women don’t enjoying hearing: “I told you so”.  

But he wouldn’t do that because he was for 3+ years trying to support, guide and show me that Instagram IS a platform that  I should be using to up-level and SELL more products

The artist behind my brand photos was trying to tell me something for 36 months: Focus on Instagram.  

Facebook engagement has gone down, cost per conversion using Facebook Ads increases…and people are actually (about 42% of users take week long BREAKS from Facebook now!) 

People are spending LESS time on Facebook and MORE time in other places: Instagram. 

Which is why I’m excited to share the SECRET to creating a great brand on Instagram: 

Understand Instagram xo Learn it…..and you will up-level your brand. 

I started to listen to Brodie about how to increase my Instagram engagement and it worked.

 I started to take his tips from my free Instagram audit, and CHANGE small things – and it worked.  I spend 90 seconds a day on Instagram and feel more connected to it than ever. 

What is the secret to having a better brand and Instagram: 

Consistency & Commitment. 

I can’t even believe how my Instagram has change from getting NO comments on my newsfeed….to 20+. 

Want to get ‘faster’ & spend less time on your Instagram and more time enjoying your life….

I have a free training teaching you how to spend only 90 seconds a day on Instagram to increase sales and gain new followers. Watch it here. 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

Get access to my free guide: Learn how to collaborate with other businesses! 


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