It ain’t easy.

I’ll start with that – but it’s possible, and I know you can do it because — well I have. And so many of our clients do it — do they do it ‘well’.    Well– how do you define that? Everyone has their own way of getting things done in momhood & business……there is no perfect solution or ingredients – we all get it done, how we know how xo

Throughout the last 3 years I have gone through the terrible twos, 3nager’ stage as well as the FU 4’s…and now toss in a side of 6 year old with the fierceness of her mom (yes…I think she gets it from me).  I’ve experienced the luxury of having a Nanny, to not having a nanny because of guilt, and then hiring childcare — and then feeling guilty about that. There is ALWAYS guilt. No matter what I was doing, there was some level of “I could do better”.

Until I decided there wasn’t. I shifted and told myself – no way, your kids are blessed, you’re blessed, you’re doing you’re best — so let it go. And I let it go.  When you become an entrepreneur, when you sign up for the network marketing, or decide to open the studio, or store – you tell yourself it will be easier than sending your kids to childcare everyday. And quite honesty – it kinda is. either way – it’s hard.  You have this beautiful child (or two) and you can’t imagine going to work – but the reality is you still have a mortgage, car payment & you really love taking those winter vacations to Mexico. There is no ‘easy’ choice. They are both hard, do I go back, or do I stay.

So you decide to stay home — and right away you’re like crap…where do I get money. I need money & even though my partner/ husband/ mother is supporting me — I still want and desire that financial freedom I had when I was working a 9-5 cubicle job.

Working or not working — I believe all women are working towards a few common things – more hours at home, more money — and more freedom. Because those things will (honestly) make us happy xo 

“I want you to know that having a life full of legos, playdates & work is possible – but you will probably have to step out of your comfort zone and hire help”.

Moms, women — your life is meant to BE LIVED, like seriously lived. You should do the job, work the business, play with the kids, travel to places…enjoy it. Start owning your desires…your wants, and start acting on them.  That keeps me going. The days I want to play with my kids — I PLAY with my kids. The weeks I want to take a vacation — I absolutely take a vacation. Last year after being in business for 2 years I decided to start travelling more with my kids – so I did, I took them with me to a few beautiful places – Key West, Cancun, Akumal.  So how do I manage getting things done? Like really?

Well I find a groove and KNOW that it will change when my kids ages change. For example — Rhett used to sleep 1-330 every single day — so I did calls with clients, had meetings….and did anything that was with people during those hours.Then he STOPPED napping (oh my goodness)…so that didn’t work again. I decided to hire daycare 1 day per week — and now that works PERFECT for me.

Wanna know what Tuesday’s look like for me? …..from 8am until 10pm I have client calls. Literally — some days I don’t move…I forget to eat and I have enough coffee that I could probably start a coffee shop with.

And the way I get so much done in a day/ or a week: I grab a piece of paper, write down ALL the things I ave to get done, from meeting with people to buying thank you cards, to motivating the team — and then I prioritize. What HAS to be done during THIS Hour. And then—I break it down hour by hour what I’m working on xo

But it works for me. It’s part of my time management process. I LOVE being in the zone entirely for one full day on clients.

Hang on — a team? Yes…. — if you are a business owner doing it ALL is pretty much not going to work out for you (#sorrynotsorry) because there’s no way you can be childcare, accountant, social media manager, website developer, teacher, learner, AND do the things you want to do at home – cooking, cleaning, teaching, cuddling, snuggling, dog walking.

It’s not going to happen. You have 24 hours a day — not 240 xo So– own this be OPEN to the CHANGE. Open to finding clients that MAY be okay with you having your kid on your hip at some meetings…because it’s going to happen. These clients exist (I have many)…xo THANK YOU!

You don’t have to wear a cape. Leave that for the kids 😉 xo 

I make the rules, I decide if I want to stay home more or work more. On this beautiful Sunday – I’m sitting here at a local restaurant (Thanks Abe’s) working — because I CHOSE to. 

Hello Life Academy time management and being a mompreneur.

And part of that is because I know on Sundays – my husband is home, so my kids can play with him while I work. I left at 12…and I won’t be home until 830pm for another team meeting.

I love this life. I love my kids — I created this from…well nothing. Your heart will know the way entrepreneur….chase your dreams not the money. Chase your kids — not the work. Chase your OWN version of reality — what is it that you WANT so badly that you will make sure it happens xo 

Lots of love and good kid vibes xo

Megan Lockhart xo

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.


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