Are you thinking about diving into the world of buying a new tiny home?? 

Going tiny is NOTHING like on the TV shows you binge watch on netflix 😆. I have to say that ASAP because so many people think that those designs are “cute”, but the reality is your tiny has to fit YOUR life. That’s why going tiny is so great – each one seems to be very unique to the person who is living in one.

There’s a few questions beyond this article that you should REALLY dive into before reaching out to Tiny home builders…..I’ve put them all together in one document so you can print, present to yourself or to your partner…and revisit if you’re circling back to the tiny home idea. Click here to get the questions. 

Tiny Home - Golden British Columbia


Why do you want to go tiny? Personally I wanted less space to clean, a pretty low loan and something that I could move EVENTUALLY if I decided I didnt want to be in Golden BC anymore.


What size would you be comfortable in? Does matter for a tiny home. If you’re thinking of MOVING your tiny my version (The Canadian Goose from Mint Tiny Home) would not be ideal. It’s massive and I’m pretty sure I need to purchase a special truck if I want to move it. Also — the interior is NOT designed for it to be moved, unlike an RV the shelving could pop out, the staircase storage would pop open…etc. Actually check out the stair storage video here.


Am I a human that can adapt to change? If the answer is NO…I’d say tiny living may be a struggle. Every single day (and I don’t even live in it full tme!) I am adapting. Hot water may not work, floors may be too cold, mini-split may not work lol. An RV / Tiny home is that….its an RV, you have to be comfy with adapting to change.

Ask yourself a few more questions, download my 5 key questions you want to ask even BEFORE you start thinking about diving into tiny living. Click here 

I also want you to know – I am obsessed with my tiny, but do not live in it right now (I will soon!) if you want to hear my tiny home journey listen to this podcast episode.

Stick around…I’ll talk tiny at least once a week on this blog, and if you have time would you mind checking out our Tiny Rosehip Store?.I’m in love with it xo 


Other resources: What I’ve learnt about myself and business by renting out the Tiny Home.

Who built my tiny home: Mint Tiny Homes 

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