HEY, we want some help for our next launch!

You thrive in a creative environment and you’re committed to using your technical skills for our Hello Life Academy 2020 launch

This position will be responsible for working alongside Megan to build out pre-launch, during launch and post-launch strategies.

You’ll be involved in the entire campaign start to finish (July to December).

As a part of our team, you’ll wear many hats and opportunities are abundant.

This includes – making sure blogs are written, opt-ins are created, email funnels are put together and FB ads are running.

If you read this and it makes you excited, then please don’t hesitate to apply.

    • You know what a launch is
    • You know how to use Facebook, Instagram
    • You know what e-mail marketing is
    • You love seeing a project start to finish and are proud to see the outcome
    • Details are important to you
    • You may even call youself a ‘task list’ kinda person
    • You believe in the coaching industry and personal development
    • You have some ideas up your sleeve for digital marketing strategies and understand they are always changing
    • You’re always on time for meetings
    • You have excellent project management skills and can say if things aren’t going as planned and you need MORE time (not when it’s too late!)
    • You’re super comfortable working in a virtual environment but are fiercely committed to the hours  and getting the work done
    • You do not hesitate to work extra hours to get a job done.
    • You can work independently on tasks that are given to you.
    • You do whatever it takes and the phrase “That’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary.

 In an ideal world, you have:

    • 1 year of online marketing experience
    • A portfolio of a project or two you have worked on
    • Experience (and proven results) with creating and managing ad campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube
    • Experience with opt ins/ funnels
    • Experience with Canva
    • Experience with Pinterest
    • Know how to upload to IGTV and IG stories
    • You can create landing pages
    • You have graphic skills

This position is not for you if, You get bored easy, You kinda end things after just a few weeks, you have no clue what a launch is, you are outside of Canada.

 The nitty gritty

    • Please upload a video of yourself saying why you think this job is perfect for you and include it in your email to us. As well as a COVER photo and Resume.
    • This is a virtual position working with our virtual team
    • In the email please tell me ONE idea for an Opt-In you’d love to see as a LIST builder for our 2020 Hello Life Academy
    • We will respond with the payment details when a Resume is submitted


Apply by June 30th 11:59 AM EST to Subject: LAUNCH OPERATIONS SPECIALIST

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