All I can hear through my headphones and the sound of my typing is “Mom can I have another snack”. I nod my head, point to the fridge and try to make the sign for eat the watermelon, not the chips. But — the chip bag is opened and Rhett runs upstairs.

The doorbell rings and the neighborhood kids are over and it’s 10 am, it’s a good sound but totally distracts me from the blog post I’m writing about being a work at home mom.  

The first sign that you are a work at home mom – you know what WAHM stands for 😉 Mom I’m proud of you – you’ve built a business or are trying to build a business with your kids running around your house. It takes a pretty strong woman and a lot of patience to make that happen. 

The 7 signs of a work at home mom: 

  1. Your kids don’t think your work, but instead, think you scroll the internet all day. 
  2. Your neighbors send their kids over to your place because – well you’re home and you have great snacks. 
  3. You get hit by a nerf gun or step in slime at least once a day. 
  4. You have pre-made snacks and a special shelf for the kids to grab things when you’re on a call or deep into a project client. 
  5. You think having a shower at 1 pm is actually how most people roll. 
  6. You are used to putting laundry in any time of the day in between meetings, calls or projects. 
  7. You tend to work at night, at least you try too. 

Work at home mom

Working from home glamour disappears fast.  You think YES this will be awesome I’ll work between naps, between play dates, maybe stay up a little late so I can be HOME….I asked some of our audience and clients WHY it sucks to work from home, and I got over 100 responses within 15 minutes lol. 😂

As much as we ENJOY working from home – the reality is sometimes it can feel like you’re literally going crazy. Here’s some of the answers we got from you ladies who work from home! 


Work from home jobs

I want to hear from YOU in the comments, do you work from home? DO you love it, hate it, feel a little bit of both? 

I love to shift gears from ‘this sucks’ to ‘gratitude’ I’ve also listed my personal 15 reasons why I love working from home and making money: 

  1. I get to drink unlimited amounts of coffee without going to the ‘lunchroom’
  2. My music is SO loud almost all day even when my kids are around
  3. I can take lunch breaks whenever I want, or not it’s entirely up to me.
  4. I can put laundry in while I have a call – which feels kinda cool.
  5. Random bike rides during the day when I have 5-10 minutes in between calls or need to stir up some creativity
  6. Some days I start at 7 am, other days at 3 pm, my choice!
  7. I work with the women I choose to work with – not assigned to work with. 
  8. There’s no glass ceiling, I can choose to make more or less money!
  9. My creativity is entirely my own – no one has to AGREE to my ideas (yay!) we just start implementing them if they are awesome! 
  10. We have random dance parties as a family 
  11. My kids sometimes bring me a snack so I can keep working
  12. Flexibility – if my kids have a game at 6 pm, I can work later or earlier and not worry too much! 
  13. NO driving – I’m pretty sure this saves me about $500 in gas a month and 30 hours of car time!
  14. I can have patio meetings in my back yard with mimosas if I want! 
  15. I get to see my kids EVERY single day without dropping them off somewhere else. This is pretty stinkin’ cool.  


There’s something about having the ability to sit at your kitchen table, and make money — I love it. Even on the days where my kids are driving me mad I still love it because well — I created this. THANK YOU xo 


Ladies, I want to hear from YOU, let me know in the comments if you work from home, what’s your business? Leave the link  

– Megan Lockhart xo 

My name is Megan Lockhart and I am the CEO of Hello Life Academy.

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